Thanks for all the fish.

It is with some sadness that the reason for this blogs existance, that of Guardian Leeds vanishing, has finally posted its final missive. Correspondant John C Baron has posted a touching retrospective and some thoughts on where next over on his tiny corner of the Guardian.

We’ll miss what John has to say, his commentary, his views into what is important here in Leeds. Hyperlocal blogging is nothing new, but without the backing of a media giant such as GMG sometimes the views can be lost in the either; shouting at mountains, getting nothing in return.

John has been a familiar face in Leeds over the last year-and-a-bit; his enthusiasm and willingness to engage was a breath of fresh air that was sorely needed here. You couldn’t hold an event without him turning up (often sitting at the back so quietly that you hardly knew he was there), and getting viewpoints. Not only did he keep a careful eye on local government, with the inspired BinsWatch interactive map that took hold during the rubbish collection strike in 2010 and a similar level of commitment with CutsWatch, he was a champion of local culture, of food, of things that were new and exciting and barely getting off the ground.

A quick roundup of today’s “Farewell John” posts, then:

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  1. Tim says:

    Losing Guardian Leeds is a real shame. 😦

    I hope this website can help maintain some of the momentum John Baron and co-bloggers created. I need my fix of regular Leeds links!

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