What’s happening in Leeds today?

Hello! This is the first official “what’s happening in Leeds today?” post for Beyond Guardian Leeds! Please bear with me, I’m still trying to find my feet a little.

The Bank Holiday Weekend has been a good one for events in and around Leeds. From a foodie perspective it has been great; for those travelling outside the area York has had a mini food festival but our very own Kirkstall Abbey played host to the first Deli Market, an interesting take on a farmer’s market that’ll be held on the last Saturday of the month throughout the summer. Responses to this were mixed, however; opinion on twitter ranged from “it had too much high-markup produce and felt like WI stalls in the ’80s” and “disappointed; it needs more stalls next time”, to generally positive feeling about the location (but see below). The Clandestine Cake Club also met, with reports of great cake and lively chat – and an unbroken record of eleven proper slices of cake – on the website along with details of the next events.

Music featured highly over the weekend too, with Aire on the Square gathering huge crowds – and I’m sure the hospital residents enjoyed the tunes too. Leeds band Hope & Social finished off a tour with a gig at the Adelphi on Saturday night. Slightly outside Leeds the Saltaire Arts Trail was huge fun for many people (and is still on today if you want to do something different), including a group from Exposure Leeds, a local photography organisation who spent some time taking photos on a bit of a changable day for weather.

A new sensory room for children with specialist educational needs will be built at Broomfields, the first of its kind in the area. Also, Yorkshire is bidding to be included in the 2016 Tour De France, which I’m genuinely excited about.

What’s coming up? As it is half-term week Leeds Museums and Galleries have some events for little ones going on. Walking in the Dales this week may cause a few surprises as a new zombie movie is being filmed, and the Flying Scotsman makes a welcome return to the National Railway Museum for the Bank Holiday.

What’s going on in the blogosphere

Culture Vultures has had posts on the Deli Market and an interesting (and lively) debate on coffee culture in Leeds. Because May is over Bake Lady has been at the allotment and it seems that many have just been out enjoying the sunshine over the weekend because only a few of the blogs I follow have been updated!

If you have an interesting blog that you’d like us to keep an eye on, then please let us know by commenting or emailing us on beyondgdnleeds@gmail.com.

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7 Responses to What’s happening in Leeds today?

  1. Yeye-o says:

    No mention of Leeds loves Latino fest on Sunday!
    Keep me posted.

  2. Chance says:

    I wish this project well, but one slight thing which might affect other users too. As this is on a wordpress site and thus regarded as a blog. Some people trying to read this at work, might find that it gets blocked by their web filtering.

    • This is, unfortunately, out of my control at the moment. There may be scope for a self-hosted WP install later down the line but there are cost implications and we are running this on zero budget. However, I appreciate the comment and can only hope people are able to read it wherever they can!

  3. Terry Wassall says:

    Thanks for the first beyondgdnleeds news post. Looks like a good start. Hopefully it will get a group of supporter/reporters to contribute reports and advanced notices. I took a couple of Japanese visitors to the Saltaire Arts Trail and they were very impressed. The Arts Trail goes from strength to strength with each passing year.

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