What’s going on in Leeds today?

saltaire arts trail

Open Houses by Rich (@them_apples)

The rainy weather on Monday didn’t seem to put many people off doing the Saltaire Arts Trail! There were plenty of pictures on Twitter, including the one illustrating this post by Saltaire blogger @them_apples, as well as the dedicated SAT group on Flickr. The idea of residents opening their houses to random visitors is fun, but probably involved a lot of tidying up beforehand. In other arts news, Joseph Metzer, an artist who spent his formative years in Leeds during and immediately after the War, has an exhibition in New York. Also, if you’re spending half-term looking after children then the Discovery Centre is hosting “The Games People Play“, a look at board games through history which could make a change from Monopoly. Leeds City Council have opened up ticket sales for their (previously free) Opera in the Park event. The partner to this double act, Party in the Park, is still free: register for tickets on Radio Aire‘s site.

Leeds indie sandwich shop Pickles & Potter opened a new shop on East Parade and The Good Doctor reviewed it. From a personal point of view, I love that there’s a P&P close enough to work for me to pop in of a morning 🙂

The Northerner reports on some teenagers “adopting” a stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool canal, while over at the YEP they detail some of the projects in the area that will get some lottery funding (hoorah!). Also in the YEP is an interview with Leeds’ new Lord Mayor as well as reports on how a pensioner was conned in a twist on the old “we’ve come to read the meter” trick.

Not sure how something not much more than a year old has become so iconic in Leeds, but it has. Bettakultcha has a couple of dates coming up soon; Bettakultcha Bradford on June 2nd at the Midland Hotel, Back in Leeds on June 7th and in an interesting location in Huddersfield on July 14th. Tickets are available through their website.

What about the blogs?

Andy Hicks is concerned that there’s a hidden housing crisis in Leeds, and for people helping out with people who are on the streets this post on Simon on the Streets will affect you profoundly.

Rock School in Armley is going well; there’s a new video up on Facebook that’s worth a watch.

In somewhat meta-news there’s a post about the future of alternative media in Leeds on Culture Vultures, and Mike Chitty is keen to start a collaborative effort with a storyboard that anybody can sign up to.

The Victoria Quarter in Leeds has a competition going that ends today; the prize is a bit nice but… well, I loved the old post office when it was a post office, not a hotel/restaurant complex. That’s me being a curmudgeon again, I suspect.

Finally, Exploring Leeds visted the Barwick Maypole, an event that only happens every three years!

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