What’s happening in Leeds?


It is a GLORIOUS day today. It was a great day yesterday for the Oxfam Flashmob Picnic in City square, too – well attended, and they made some noise about the global food system. As the weekend is fast approaching it’s time to look at some of the things that’s happening!

One of the great things for kids and young adults that’s been happening in Leeds these last two weeks is The Breeze International Festival. I love this; a whole stack of art and cultural events for kids from opera to sculpture workshops and book readings. Today sees an artist workshop day at PSL, a Japanese tailoring session and the Budapest gypsy Orchestra (details on the website). On Saturday Breeze is with Leeds art community Test Space for a pop-up artists workshop, with “creative career advice” sessions which I wish were available when I were a lad.

Hyperlocal news site Holt Park Today points out that Holt Park Library is celebrating National Family Week. At the other end of the city, South Leeds Life is writing about volunteers at Skelton Grange, a green spaces project in Hunslet. In between the two, Chapeltown Global Market is happening again on Saturday. This is an eclectic and fun range of stalls run as much by people in Chapeltown as possible, and is always worth a visit.

Youth organisation The Hunslet Club in South Leeds has delved into its photo archive to compile a slideshow of historic highlights from 70 years of activities.

If you’re in the mood for some beer there is precisely one place to be; the LS6 Beer Festival. Although there’s nothing obvious on the website as to where exactly in LS6 it is, if you go to buy tickets the grand reveal is that the base is the Left Bank, a converted church on Cardigan Road. Brilliant. Online ticket sales for Friday close at midnight tonight, so get in there early! If you are into beer and digital marketing then SNZero are meeting tonight in the Adelphi.

In the news: Anne Lister’s diaries are to be given United Nations recognition and entered into a UNESCO list called the “UK Memory of the World register”. If you decide to research one historical figure today, research Anne. The YEP is reporting that Leeds homeless charity St. Anne’s is 40 years old this year.

It’s a bit of an appeals day in the blogs; Simon on the Streets ask is there a better way to get charitable donations than via “chuggers”? I have a strong opinion on this (if more people gave to charities directly there wouldn’t be a need for chuggers) but this isn’t an appropriate forum for me to rant on. However, that doesn’t stop you from doing so! If you have an opinion on this please comment, or comment directly on the story on the SOTS website.

If you’ve not yet come across the Travelling Suitcase Library yet then you’re missing out, but yesterday owner Jess Haigh discovered that three in ten children don’t own any books of their own. This was a bit of a shock, so launched an appeal on Leeds Book Club. Do you have any books lying around that could be suitable for primary school children? Get in touch.

Leeds blogger Jon Beech is trying to raise money for the Samaritans by staying away from electronic communications for a fortnight.

And that’s it for today! If you have an interesting blog post or offbeat event coming up, then please let us know, especially if you’re doing something interesting over the weekend. Tweet or email, we’re not fussy.

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