What’s happening today?

Morning! What is going on in Leeds today?

The big news about Leeds is that the plans for Leeds City train station have been unwrapped. The date of the announcement has been around for weeks, but the plans were a poorly-kept secret; I remember a conversation at least a year ago wondering if the South Entrance would be a good idea or not. Do you have an opinion? Let us know in the comments.

Also in the news today is a follow up on last night’s Poor Kids documentary, which featured a family in Bradford. It horrifies me that 3.5M children are living in poverty in the UK, and that under current government policy this number will rise by a further 11% over the next three years.

Amongst other news outlets the BBC is reporting the tale of a Leeds man who tried stealing copper wire that was live. This story highlights the dangers of stealing copper. The YEP carries an article on the proposed closure of a council-run carehome in Morley because the care provider Southern Cross is in financial difficulty.

In slightly less traumatic news, the countdown to digital switchover has begun in Leeds. For many it’s just a case of retuning their set-top boxes, for others they may need to buy a Freeview box. I predict a rise in calls asking for Freeview boxes on services like uSWAP in the wake of the announcement.

In the events calendar is Tim Ineaux’s Video View, tonight at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton. Sounds like fun, and you could head over there after attending the second Leeds AltMedia meeting in the Packhorse on Woodhouse Lane at 6:30.

What’s on at the Carriageworks shows that Big Smoke, an a capella telling of an artist’s rise and descent into madness, is on for one night only on Thursday. Sounds interesting.

Slightly into the future, Social Business Brokers is organising a meeting for Leeds Time Bank on July 4th; Rob Greenland writes:

We also want to bring together any people who are interested in setting up a time bank, to share ideas and to build a bit of momentum behind the idea of finding different ways to encourage locally-based, useful mutual support.

Even further into the future is Leeds Art Run (Jul 9), which is raising funds for Urban Sprawl, a theatre company that highlights homeless issues.

Slightly closer to the present day East Street Arts is hard at work putting the finishing touches to a week-long programme of events in Chapel Allerton called Under the Paving Stones. This starts on June 21st, check out the website for what’s going on.

In t’Blogs

In addition to talking about tonight’s AltMedia meeting the Northerner talks about some of the moths that can be found in Leeds, some pretty exotic. A sign of global warming?

Leeds Grub finally reviews Anthony’s, something we’ve been waiting for for a while now, while Jen from A Little Bird Told Me looks back on 30 Years of Schuh.

And that’s it for today! If you have an interesting blog post or offbeat event coming up, then please let us know, especially if you’re doing something interesting over the weekend. Tweet or email, we’re not fussy.

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  1. ineaux says:

    Bless you for doing my job for me, would very much welcome some alt media types stopping by Video View tonight

  2. Mike Chitty says:

    £13.6 million is (I believe) the project costs to build a new southern entrance to Leeds station. It will mean that residents in the Granary wharf developments and visitors to the Mint Hotel will have several hundred metres shaved off their walk to the station – and they will be able to avoid the recently refurbished (£4.6m) Neville St – which is already leaking again! It is yet another investment to attract the creative classes to Leeds so that the rest of us can benefit from the trickle down effect of their fabulous wealth creation. Sounds like a plan?

    I would invest in informal education and development by providing 20 street based, person centred coaches, supported by area panels acting as a ‘social brain’ to help coaches when they find clients who are really stuck in their pursuit of progress.

    20 coaches would enable us to say that the City of Leeds provides, to anyone who wants it, access to a free, person centred coach to help them make progress on their agenda. We would develop a culture of active citizenship rather than passive acceptance and blame.

    Social panels would be made up of local volunteers, service providers and others with an interest in the area. Panels would meet monthly to review the coach’s progress and provide support on some of their most intractable cases.

    Costs to start and run such a service in the first three years would be in the region of £4m. Running costs for each subsequent year would be in the region of £1.2m.

    I would expect such a service to provide meaningful support to well over 4000 Leeds people per year, providing significant gains in economic and social wellbeing for the majority of them.

    It would also enable Leeds to promote itself as something truly unique – the person centred city.

    We would gather incredible intelligence from across the city on the real barriers that hold people back, and service provider agencies might learn to respond to these rather than the dictats of the bureaucrats and their targets.

    This IS doable. Very doable.

    And after running the service for 5 years I would still have £7 million in the bank!

    What would you do with £13.6m to make Leeds a city to be proud of?

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