Leeds today: work clubs, councillor binmen, tunnels

Leeds city council have announced four months of weekend work on the tunnels that form part of the Inner Ring Road around Woodhouse Lane. LCC said:

During each of these weekends approximately 70 people will be employed on site to ensure the works are completed as quickly as possible, allowing the tunnel to be fully open each Monday morning.

The tunnel will be operating in a contraflow from 8pm on Friday to 5am on Monday.

After the refuse collection strikes of 2009, Cllr Mark Dobson went to work as a binman for a day. The BBC reports that he worked on a lorry collecting household refuse and met local residents in the process. Cllr Dobson has only been resposible for environmental services for two weeks. A slide show of photos is on the BBC website.

Leeds Central Library are launching a Work Club for jobseekers starting on Monday. Europe Direct say:

The Work Club will be a two hour session running from 10.00 to 12.00 on the 2nd and 4th Monday each month. Jobseekers will have the opportunity to get support to get them back into work, meet other jobseekers, exchange skills and share experiences.

The YEP is reporting that a fun day in Horsforth will be cancelled in future due to council red tape. New changes to the rules governing community events in local parks seem to be at the root of the problem. Organiser Mark Saville says that:

“The event is put on by a small community team and new regulations being imposed upon all community events in public parks in the stewardship of Leeds City Council has now seen us off.”

however a LCC spokesperson responded:

“We […] ensure the event organisers are aware of the national legal requirements which have to be met. We do not charge to stage community events and are keen for them to continue.”

The public response to the BBC’s Poor Kids documentary is still being felt; Leeds community enterprise mentor Mike Chitty has done some interesting digging on the numbers of children in poverty in Leeds and asks if enough is being done now to address this appalling state of affairs.

After Saturday’s Time to Change event on Briggate, Leeds blogger Victoria Betton writes about mental health and the arts on Culture Vultures. Also on Culture Vultures is a review from one night of the Transform festival that’s going on at the West Yorkshire Playhouse right now. Alexandra Folkie says that “on the experience of 1 night, you might see something you would never normally try, and enjoy a completely different theatrical experience. Which I think is the point.”

Richard Smyth from My Life In Leeds writes about the history of some hidden green spaces in Leeds City Centre. There are some interesting things to find out about where you eat your lunch! Also, the modern iteration of Leeds Savages will be having a sketchers meeting on Sunday in City Square, 2pm.

The Henry Moore Institute has confirmed a new exhibition of work by Mario Merz will open in Leeds in July. The work Automobile pierced by neon will be on display; a small car filled with fluorescent tubes.

The Northerner has an interview with artist Martin Williamson, who talks about his paintings, life as a train driver and the joy of driving over Ribblehead Viaduct. Also in the Guardian is news of how markets will have to rethink how they operate.

The Loop Arts festival has opened a popup shop to go with the festival. The festival, which starts next weekend, is attracting big names from the art and design world and is including local art and cultural organisations such as Test Space Leeds in their programming. The popup shop is not only a book outlet but an evolving museum and exhibition space in its own right, and it is well worth popping down to Water Lane to take a look.

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  1. I really hope the IRR does win government investment – the road and its tunnels are a disgrace that don’t appear to have changed (or had any money spent on them) since they were opened in the 1960s. The lighting in the tunnels is appalling, there’s no ventilation in there (what would happen in the event of a fire?!), there’s no central reservation barriers along a large stretch of it, the sign posts are unclear and the road surface and walls are dirty and covered in holes.

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