Leeds today: NHS, volunteers, zombies and Bramley Baths

The BBC reports that the NHS is returning to Quarry House, creating 1000 jobs in administrative and managerial positions and effectively becoming the defacto headquarters of the new-look NHS. However, a Unison spokesperson said:

“The 1,000 jobs is effectively a drop in the ocean. It’s not going to really help the economy, the NHS economy in Leeds and it’s certainly not going to help the NHS economy in the rest of the wider region. There’s going to be people currently employed in the NHS that will be on the dole next year, this time.”

The new HQ will manage contracts of independent contractors within the NHS.

Leeds City Council have claimed that the 2010 Leeds Year of Volunteering was a huge success. In a statement yesterday independent evaluators saw levels of volunteerism rising 200% – effectively tripling – over the course of the year. Cllr Lucinda Yeadon said:

“I hope that the 2010 Leeds Year of Volunteering and the 2011 European Year of volunteering will leave an ongoing legacy in the city, helping more people to recognise the many personal and social benefits of getting involved in activities in their communities, which not only improve the quality of other people’s lives, but theirs too.”

BGL would like to see what 200% means in real numbers – going from 10 to 30 is not a huge increase, for example – but any increase is better than none, so well done LCC.

Bike blog Bike Biz is reporting that car fleet management company Zeneca – whose headquarters are in the rolling hills of Bradford – have ordered bikes from Edinburgh Bicycles in Chapel Allerton as part of the Government’s Cycle to Work scheme. The bike riding component of BGL loves this.

The Ilkley Gazette has a story on the official sausage for Yorkshire competition. The competition, which is nothing to do with the Best Sausage comp reported in BGL a few days ago, is seeking the best sausage to represent all that is good about Yorkshire. Lishman’s butchers are running roadshows about the region where people can sample the sausages in the running; they will be outside Harvey Nicks in Leeds at lunchtime today offering passers-by sausage samples.

Thursday does seem to be Events Day in Leeds; Leeds City Museum has curatorial talks on Thursday lunchtimes; this week’s talk is “18th Century Glamour”, perhaps one for the fashionable out there.

Tonight is the Leeds Digital Festival meeting that was mentioned yesterday.

Tonight also sees the Bramley Baths consultation meeting hosted by Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves who has enlisted the support of gold medallist Duncan Goodhew. The potential closure of Bramley Baths has caused serious upset amongst the residents, and innovative ways of using the space have popped up, such as I Love West Leeds’ “Water Music” event – the West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra playing Handel’s Water Music on a stage in the pool.

Do you fancy making a film in 2.8 days? Cultural phenomenon Culture Vultures has blogged asking for people interested in starting a film on Friday lunchtime and finishing it by Monday to get in touch. Exciting stuff!

The 2.8 number seems to be in the zeitgeist at the moment; Leeds is in the running for 2.8 hours later, a zombie live-action game that takes place in cities around the world. Leeds needs more votes, though, and a mini campaign to get them is underway. Do you want to see if Leeds has a policy for dealing with a zombie attack? Vote! (The city voting button is on the right hand side, under “Can’t see your city here? Then make a suggestion”)

In slightly less zombified news, East Street Arts’ Under the Pavement project is starting to get closer; a new blog post called “Look up! Look out!” talks about bomb shelters and where they are now in Chapeltown.

Finally, photo group Exposure Leeds is having a weekend coffee break on Saturday in Otley, to get the Midsummer Madness photo-to-book project going. The Otley Festival is on this weekend as well (although there are traffic issues, so leave plenty of time), so the scavenger hunt should be full of surprises!

That’s it for today. Tomorrow we take a look at the Loop Arts festival and see what else the weekend can bring. Do you have an event happening that could be featured here? Let us know! Follow us on twitter on @BeyondGdnLeeds or email us on beyondgdnleeds@gmail.com.


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