Leeds today: More crime, Hirst, sit-ins, wanging, and timebanks.

More on the crime figures released earlier in the week in the YEP; South Leeds is put under the spotlight, with Morley, Beeston and Holbeck getting looked at. Morley had 240 reported crimes in May, Beeston racks up 601. Holbeck only has 114, but one commentator suggests that this is because quite a large part of Holbeck has been knocked down. Community policing seems to help, and certainly BGL has noticed more PCSOs on bikes talking to ladies of the night. (BGL often cycles home through Holbeck, not for any other reason.)

Damien Hirst is exhibiting in Leeds Art Gallery, reports the BBC. Certain elements of the 1998-2003 concept restaurant, Pharmacy, will be put in place alongside Away from the Flock and other, perhaps less gruesome works. This will be Hirst’s first exhibition in Leeds, despite going to art college in the city and spending time in anatomy classes at the University.

The Independent takes a look at the longest sit-in protest in the country, at Trinity College in Horsforth. The “student occupation” is a protest against tuition fees and has been in situ since November. Continuing with management support, the protest has been accommodating to college requests such as moving offices to avoid the college being charged by developers, as the point of the process is to highlight better uses of money. Andy Smith, a second year psychology student says:

“We’re protesting about cuts to higher education and we were there to make sure the college spent its money wisely. If there were delays in the contractor moving into the building, there would be fines for the college – and that didn’t seem to make sense.”

The world record for “welly wanging” is back in Yorkshire hands after a concerted effort to regain the title on Saturday, says the YEP. 375 people turned out to throw size nine wellingtons in Meanwood Park, and the record was comfortably won back from “a group in the South”.

The Morley Observer says that “Walk It” signs are being erected in Leeds City Centre, helping people find their way around on foot. The foundations are being installed this week, with the solar-powered signs being fitted later in the summer. BGL has spotted some of the “coming soon” rubberised signs in a couple of spots in the city centre and looks forwards to seeing the routes.

Do you have any spare time that could be put to better use? Leeds social business consultant Rob Greenland takes an introspective look at Time Banking, a concept whereby volunteers can help out on one project in exchange for other volunteers helping out on their own in return. Rob says:

Personally, I’m most intrigued by the anecdotal evidence I’m hearing time and again of the impact timebanking can have on improving people’s mental health. It makes a lot of sense. I know myself – you probably do too – that one of the best ways of dragging myself out of occasional dark places is to do something for someone else, to be reminded that I have skills to give and have a value to others. There’s far more to better mental health than that, but it could be a starting point for some.

The Bingley Show is coming up in a few weeks. There is a category for many types of baker in the handicrafts section and it is sure to be hotly contested. If you’re able to bake a cake with two or more Fairtrade ingredients this could be a great way of supporting the Fairtrade movement and get your cake appraised by discerning judges. Details are on the entry forms, alongside categories such as “Cake to be made by a Gentleman” and “Show Baking Disaster Class”.

The Woodhouse Jamboree is this weekend, and the organisers need some volunteers! A couple of people to help with the food would be welcome. The jamboree is in several sites across Woodhouse on Saturday and has a circus skills performance, storytelling, art from a local primary school and more.

Also on Saturday is Art Run, a 10k run that takes in several arts establishments across the city, raising money for Urban Sprawl, a homeless theatre company. There are still spaces available if you want to do the run, but if not there are plenty of open studios that you can visit on the route.

Friday afternoon sees the monthly Talking Allowed in Leeds meeting in Veritas. This month this group of philosophers will be asking Would we treat animals differently if they spoke “human”?

Finally today we take a look into the head of Dom, a man on a sabbatical who ponders the joy of “being arsed to do stuff”.

A proper hidden gem, tucked away near a garden centre on the road between Haworth and Bingley. Who’d have known? Not me as I wouldn’t have looked in the first place, and even if I had, my inertia would’ve kept me safely tucked up in my own little boring, lazy arsed bubble of home.

That’s it for today; tomorrow we look at what else might be coming up over the weekend and wonder about greenbelt land that can be built upon but may only be kept as assets. Keep in touch! Email, twitter, or say hello!

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