Leeds today: Eastgate, pompoms, sunsets, quantum physics and Christmas is saved.

The Eastgate proposals went through the planning process without a hitch, reports the BBC. The revised plans will add more than 130 shops to Leeds City Centre and redevelop the area around – according to the article – the “Victorian Quarter”. The £600m development will include a “green” energy plant, housing, retail and leisure and will be called “Eastgate Quarters”. Traders at Leeds Kirkgate Market fear that the development will stop people coming through the markets, however, and increased vehicle traffic is also concerning residents in Leeds.

The stolen bobble hat that BGL reported on two weeks ago has still not been found, so the artist is planning a giant pompom piece to replace it. And he needs our help, says the Guardian. Tony Broomhead says:

“[…] I am asking people to help by making a pom pom of any size to form a sort of giant pom pom for the people of Leeds. It’s a fluffy way of showing that people are interested in public art and the public actually take great joy from its wittier, dafter and more unexpected forms. If people have time to make a pom pom, or know someone who does, please drop me a line.”

More details in the Guardian article.

The Morley Observer is happy that Christmas has been saved in the South Leeds town. Spending cuts by LCC included cutting funding for all the Christmas light displays except those in the city centre, but:

With time running out if anything was to be organised in time, the South Leeds (outer) Area Committee has found £10,890 to fund lights and Christmas trees in Morley, Gildersome, East Ardsley and Thorpe, as well as in neighbouring Rothwell.

Local businesses and the town council are very happy about this.

The controversy over Beached, the Bridlington community opera that had been cancelled over concerns that the main character was gay, is now over according to the YEP. The script has now been amended so that the word “queer” is now “gay”, which was sufficient to solve the problem. The argument quickly spiralled out of control with Opera North, the school involved and the LEA all being accused of homophobia. All involved are now somewhat calmer and the opera will go ahead as planned on July 15th.

The BBC says that the closure of Manningham Baths is “a crime”, according to the Victorian Society. The baths closed last Friday as part of Bradford’s cuts programme and although the baths are beautiful examples of victorian swimming pools it is not very heavily used. Community groups were offered the chance to take it over but no “viable” options were received by Bradford Council. BGL hopes that this is not the template Bramley Baths will follow.

This week sees a number of interesting events; Wednesday sees a very interesting Leeds Salon where popular science author Manjit Kumar discusses his book Quantum, about the arguments between Einstein and Bohr over how quantum theory works. This is at Blackwells on Woodhouse Terrace opposite the Parkinson Building on Wednesday, details on the website.

Also on Wednesday, Leeds Psychogeographers will be “beating the bounds” of Leeds City Centre. Beating the bounds is a traditional walk where a parish boundary is marked out by groups of people walking with sticks, to create a feel for the boundaries. This group will be circumnavigating the City Centre Designated Public Place Order boundary, where street drinking is technically not allowed alongside other behaviours.

This walk is about beating geographical restrictions, and having fun doing so. Behaviour in public space is restricted, it is not free. Street drinking is made illegal, at the discretion of the police. These hard borders define what’s allowed and what isn’t allowed within an area, and can therefore change and define the centre itself.

More on Wednesday! All About My Area has a report on the Volunteer Centre, an org that promotes volunteering opportunities in your local area, which is doing outreach work in local libraries and community centres over July and September. This Wednesday sees them visiting Meanwood Children’s Centre.

Harrogate photographer Martin Meyrick is exhibiting at the Leeds Design Innovation Centre on the Calls until the end of July. The artist, inspired by Hockney’s “joiners”, has a series of collage-like photos based on street photography. Well worth popping in for a look (closed weekends, though).

Finally, My Life In Leeds takes a look at the best places in the area to take sunset photographs. Carol Ferndale takes us through some lovely park and open spaces which provide great vantage points (and look in the right direction).

That’s it for today. As ever, if you have anything you’d like to tell us then don’t be shy! Email us on beyondgdnleeds@gmail.com or tweet us @BeyondGdnLeeds. See you tomorrow.

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