Leeds today: poetry, planning, Prince Charles, and Pankhurst.

Good morning Leeds!

A group of young poets from Leeds  who won the National Youth Poetry Slam in 2010 have become the subject of an award winning documentary about the power of poetry in young people’s lives, the BBC reports. The event was staged by Leeds Young Authors and has attracted attention for the powerful and often politically motivated poetry springing from these teenagers’ thoughts. To continue the work of this organisation, a fundraising event is being held at Yorkshire Dance this Friday 15 July.

In related literary news, the BBC has also published a story on a teacher, Leonora Rustamova, who has published an apparently ‘racy’ book concerning five young men (all former students of hers) after being sacked from her teaching position because of it. Although the students appear to have enjoyed the book and highlighted that it had encouraged them to read more, Beyond Guardian Leeds can’t actually find what the books contains, so will err on the side of caution and say – support the Facebook group and ‘Save Miss Rusty’s job’! If anyone has information on what is actually in the book, that would be great.

In art news, Exploring Leeds has written up of her views on Mr Hirst’s exhibition: if you’ve written a post about this or will be after Friday, do let us know and we try and do some sort of round up!

And in other art/music news, the I Love West Leeds Festival’s 13 mile musical treasure hunt launches tonight at 8pm at the Bank House Inn, Pudsey. The circular route will include picking up QR codes along the way and access to weird and wonderful musical recordings by the Thursday Night Music Club. Groovy.

Unfortunately for Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market, the potential development of Eastgate that they believe could have a severe negative impact on Kirkgate Market are now going ahead. However, there will defined changes to the original plans in order to make good the relationship with the market. Their blog contains more information, including the original objection letter and some interesting information about the relationship between Hammerson (the developers) and Leeds City Council.

If you like your energy drinks full of liquids from a bull’s unmentionables, and your Sunday activity full of cobbled-together aeronautics, this 17th July sees Roundhay Park play host to the Red Bull Flugtag. Members of the Great Barmy British Public will descend on the park in their very own flying machines and attempt to hurtle into the air and not into the cold, can-infested waters of Waterloo Lake, including a Leeds-based teamed ‘Where Weasels Dare’. Tally ho, and good luck chaps!

The Northerner blog on The Guardian highlights a cool art project based on the celebration of the birthday of Emmeline Pankhurst (today, people!). The artist, Charlotte Newson, has created a huge photo-mosaic of Pankhurst featuring images from women all over the world, as well as a downloadable birthday kit that you can access here. Ms Pankhurst – you changed the world. Congratulations from all at Beyond Guardian Leeds!

The Yorkshire Evening post reports on the announcement by Prince Charles of a huge cash boost to helping rural communities and farmers through projects run by the Prince’s Countryside Fund. This includes helping isolated young people and women in rural areas with a range of projects. If you’ve been involved with any of these schemes or know anyone who has, do let us know as it would be interesting to highlight them for non-Leeds readers.

Finally from the BBC and with a light hearted touch: a thief who was stealing video-recording CCTV equipment had his very own mush captured on the equipment he was trying to nick. Congratulations.

That’s all folks, have a great Thursday and don’t forget to keep sending in your stories, no matter how bizarre.

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