Flugtag Review

On Sunday I was given the chance to go along to the Red Bull Flugtag, courtesy of Robert Sharples, who in turn was indebted to Emma Bearman of Culture Vultures for the gracious passing up of tickets. So we two intrepid reporters ventured to Roundhay on the bus, dressed up to the nines as a couple of 1940s bods: one aviator, one journalist-newspaper-runner.

Despite the rain and general greyness, the Flugtag was a great event. There was an air of excitement and energy (no doubt due to the Red Bull sloshing around) and as we walked through the park to the flight deck, we passed a dance-off arena, a boxing ring, food stalls, and a giant sculpture being created from recycled cans.

Although the presenters of the Flugtag (JK and Joel from off the radio) were slightly irritating, nothing could dampen our pioneering spirit, especially after we received a courtesy hamper and drinks – thanks Tom! We settled down to munch through a wonderful spread from the Forman and Field box of dreams, and watch as people from all over the UK decided to hurl themselves off a platform.

We saw Prince Charles’ face, a DeLorean, a giant pie, Angry Birds, a Jungle Book throne, and several other odd crafts dive off into the cold waters of Waterloo Lake. The idea of clinging onto a bundle of sticks and sticky back plastic, wearing nothing but a comedy costume and a tiny life jacket, and dropping face first into a body of water, sent chills through me – but the participants were clearly enjoying themselves.

The Flugtag was a real family event and although it would’ve been good to see some more costumed individuals, the atmosphere was jolly and silly, as everyone joined in with the applause, ‘ouch’ing and shouts of ‘get off’ when participants wouldn’t dive into the water. If the sun had been out, it would have been top notch. As it was, it was still brilliant, and incredibly British – watching people do stupid stuff, in silly outfits, in the rain, vainly sitting down to a picnic? Hoorah!



Were you at the Flugtag this weekend? If so, do send us any photos you’ve got (which are clearly going to be better than these ones) and your thoughts – would go again? or damp squib? Happy Monday!

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  1. Ben parish says:


    Interesting blog and article about the Flugtag on sunday. My name is Ben and I was the team captain for team ‘James and the giant yorkshire pudding’ that you captured in one of you photos. If you want any more photos have a look at our facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-and-the-Giant-Yorkshire-Pudding-Redbull-Flugtag-2011/233060606722619

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