Leeds today: yorkshire, bands, hospital food, charity shops and cyclist beware.

Hello! All refreshed after a day off? Good!

If you’re a keen cyclist in Leeds then you will have undoubtably used the canal towpath at some point. Please be careful on it, as a man was found injured in the canal with his bike missing on Saturday, reports the YEP. As the man remains unconscious the details are still unknown but concerns are growing that thieves assaulted the man to steal his bike. There is no evidence to support this and police are keeping an open mind, but nonetheless – please be careful out there.

Chapel Allerton Hospital has been told that they have an overall “excellent” rating by CQC, with a “could do better” in minor areas for concern. The survey looked at standards of dignity and cleanliness, amongst other areas, and saw Chapel Allerton and Wharfdale being granted “excellent” status with Leeds’ three other hospitals “good”, although all five hosptials rated an “excellent” for food.

[LTHT] estates and facilities director Mick Taylor said: “It is particularly pleasing to note that the patient food element of the inspection process indicates an overall increase with our sites moving from the ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ category. Although current cleaning standards have seen a further slight increase, we are still falling short of the very high standards of cleanliness that our patients, staff and the general public demand.”

Still, I think a “well done” is in order.

More from the YEP, as developers lodge an appeal against the council planning department. The planning inquiry that this has now spawned will be held over a week-long series of hearings at the end of the year before a Government inspector. The plans have been rejected by LCC on grounds that it will cause more congestion and have too great an impact on infrastructure (with the developers throwing in some money for Metrocards, primary education and a new bus route as a panacea), however inspectors have rejected LCC’s rejections and now the whole thing is mired in development hell. BGL agrees with LCC on this; you can’t shoehorn more and more houses into Horsforth to cash in on existing high house prices, which is what this is – a chance to pick up approx £50m more, selling houses in that area than in South Leeds where they’re a more socially pressing need.

As reported in BGL and on BBC Radio Leeds last week, a world record attempt was underway on Saturday at Roundhay Park. Bounce for Leeds were trying to get more than 1500 people to bounce on spacehoppers for a minute, but unfortunately missed out on the record. Nonetheless, over £30,000 was raised for Yorkshire Cancer Research at the event and lots of kids (and adults pretending to be kids) had a morning of fun.

H&S look for a facepainter

Talking about events over the weekend; Saturday’s Opera in the Park is being reported as a hit, with the Yorkshire Post reporting 50,000 attendees to the event despite concerns over ticket sales. Party in the Park was also popular, with estimates of 70,000 people watching JLS and Pixie Lott. BGL was at Hope & Social‘s Garden Party event (photo) with 398 other people, eating, drinking and making merry in the grounds of The Old Rectory in Mirfield. John Allsopp speaks truth about the day.

Of course, yesterday was Yorkshire Day. Blogger Jo Murricane takes a look at what that means, and is very positive about the whole thing! We love Yorkshire Day at BGL and don’t care if it’s a commercial thing or retrofitting an ideal; it is fun, an excuse for a beer and a bit of a laugh, and it’s a lovely summer’s day. And who doesn’t want to celebrate Yorkshire?

It’s YEP central today, it seems! A charity shop selling unwanted items will be opening at the HWSRC in Seacroft on Aug 15th. People dropping off items at the tip will be encouraged to think about how their unwanted goods can be recycled, and Revive will be able to do minor furniture repairs, electrically test items and fix up bikes.

Finally today, Leeds techies Si Wilson and Sean Parker are hosting Get Into Gaming at the Adelphi on Sept 13th. This will take a look at computer games, with a couple of presentations about old-school games versus the modern equivalent
and a few more interesting bits & bobs aside (guerilla games, anyone?). It’s a bit in the future, but tickets for this event are free and will be worth the time.

That’s it for today! Back on track tomorrow with a look at the Yorkshire Film Archive Calendar and maybe a closer look at some of the blogs I’ve been neglecting over the last week or so. As always, get in touch if you have anything to say! We love to hear from you guys.

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  1. Ian says:

    I’d be interested to see the official ticket sales figure for Opera in the Park – the surrounding streets were unusually quiet before and after the event, and given that sales were reportedly only 4-5000 a week or two beforehand, I’m surprised at the 50000 attendance. Lets hope the Councils accounts reflect this!

  2. Ian. says:

    I see the attendance figure is now reported as 6596. A bit of a change don’t you think?

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