Leeds today: Segways, buns, bicycles, and nuns.

Morning Leeds! Hope you’re all recovered from the thunder and rain yesterday, reading to face this morning’s news of Segways, buns, bicycles, and nuns.

Wendy and Gary Walker from Leeds will be hiking Hadrian’s Wall in order to raise money for the British Skin Foundation, reports the YEP. Despite never camping before, Wendy’s personal experience of skin disease and her investigation into the number of people suffering with skin diseases across the UK has encouraged the pair to get walking for charity. They will be trekking across Hadrian’s Wall across a weekend, sleeping in basic tents and braving the elements

The Ripon Gazette reports that Welcome to Yorkshire has been in talks with the organisers of the Tour de France to bring the two opening days, traditionally held in a different location outside of France every year, to Yorkshire. Starting in Leeds, the tour will cycle across the Dales, visiting York, Hull, and finally ending in Sheffield. Apart from the general traffic disruption which this event would bring Gary Verity, chief executive officer for Welcome to Yorkshire, claimed it would create a ‘tremendous’ economic impact for Yorkshire. But then they always say that, don’t they? Personally the best thing about the Tour de France is that all the shops make bicycle-themed displays for their windows: hence the name of the choux pastry ring glazed with sugar and almonds, Paris-Brest, as it was created in honour of the original tour route and is shaped like a bike wheel. Beyond Gdn Leeds brings you more useless facts!

It’s all gone environmental mad in the Catholic faith, as Bradford Cathedral becomes one of the first in the UK to install solar panels on its roof. The £50,000 panels, covering an area of 70 square metres, will help generate energy and save money for the cathedral. The nuns are at it too, as Liverpool will be the new home to the largest Carmelite monastery in Europe (called a monastery but they are nuns). This monastery will harvest rainwater, have solar panels, and a wildflower meadow. Lovely.

Otley Courthouse is hosting a range of holiday workshops for the young ones, including arts and crafts for the wee kiddies and some more advanced songwriting and theatre classes for teenagers. Excellent prices too. Personally I like the sound of ‘create your own Mod Roc monster!’ Oh, fond memories of Mod Roc.

The Clandestine Cake Club held a very successful event recently where the theme of the baking was ‘Layer Cake’ – luckily Lynn assured us that, “With a film, of the same name, it was important that all the ingredients in the cake were bought over and not under the counter.”  Cakes looked delicious as always, and if you missed out this time, the next Leeds event is 20th August with the theme ‘I am what I ate’.

The BBC has an interesting video report on Leeds becoming the first ‘breast-feeding friendly’ city in the UK, with health professionals and mothers’ groups campaigning to allow better access for breast-feeding mums. A ‘hallmark’ symbol has been developed to show which businesses are breast-feeding friendly, despite the law stating that a woman is allowed to breast-feed wherever she wants, basically. One mothers’ group staged a protest recently when a mother was asked to leave a council building because she was breast-feeding. Controversial? Maybe. Baby. (Terrible film, don’t bother).

The new Leeds Gallery in Munro House will be opening on 4th September, providing commercial gallery space for artists alongside a program of wider events. There will also be the opening of the attached cafe, Cafe 164, at the same time. Looks like a fab venue so BGL will be reporting more in the run up to the opening – and maybe even the opening itself!

The Culture Vulture has a guest article by Mark OBrien, a completely mad English graduate who is taking on the challenge of exploring Yorkshire in all its glories across August. He doesn’t have any money so he needs your help in the form of breakfast, lunches, somewhere to stay, or even a guided tour around local gems. Great idea: like a really short gap year but in Yorkshire so you don’t come back saying things like ‘yhah’ and telling everyone how you helped poor people build bridges. Neo-colonialism anyone? Sorry, back to the subject in hand: give Mark a helping hand and show him the bright lights of God’s Own Country!

After a social media campaign and even MP support, Greggs, the chainstore bakery intent on taking over the UK, has reinstated the Cumbrian Coffee Puff on its menu. After dropping the Puff with little to no warning earlier this year, outrage has spread like a delicious butterscotch sauce, oozing into the House of Commons where John Stevenson, Conservative MP, even battled for its comeback. Costing only 83p, the Cumbrian Coffee Puff is a choux pastry bun with cream in the middle and coffee icing on top. BGL will be reporting back as soon as humanly possible with a verdict on whether this scrummy sounding treat should be made essential to every Greggs – not just in the North.

Philip Coates has become the first UK resident to be convicted of riding a Segway on the pavement. The police described the incident, as Coates “wilfully” rode the glorified scooter along the Pontefract Road, Barnsley. The case has been picked up by Segway supporters, who argue that they’re in a tough position: not allowed on the pavement, but yet their vehicles are not quite road worthy. Here’s some BGL advice for concerned Segway users: buy a bike, or walk. Segways belong to the same category as Blake’s Seven – funny, dramatic, but basically made of plywood and glitter. Get yourself a nice bike, preferably with basket and a horn, and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

That’s all folks! Take it easy and do let us know a) your opinion on the Cumbrian Coffee Puff and b) your opinions on any of the stories today.

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4 Responses to Leeds today: Segways, buns, bicycles, and nuns.

  1. Mike Chitty says:

    The Tour de France would be another lovely bauble on the Christmas tree/feather in the cap and just about as useful. If we are going to build an economy based on the ability of Gary and his pals to win us a never ending series of publicity coups then we really are in the stinky stuff.

    But, who knows, perhaps if we can just spend enough on telly adverts telling the world that we’re ‘reet good’ it may just turn around?

    Or then again we could pursue some long term policies designed to grow real excellence in the region. Like stop wasting money on grand schemes and marketing designed to separate the gullible from their hard earned cash and instead build the best education and skills development service in the world. And I don’t mean just put more money into what we have already – but really innovate.

    Must fly, got to go an see the county I call home in ‘brand associated’ with People do the Funniest Things….Oh! The irony….

  2. Mike Chitty says:

    But, I must admit, the TdF would be a beautiful feather, and do wonder for our biomedical sector with all that dope testing that would be required….

  3. Dan O'Dell says:

    TdF would be so ace if we get it, and it’d save me a trip to France. I was there for the start in London a few years back and it was brilliant.

    The benefits it would bring to Leeds are too great for me to go into on my lunchbreak, and would far outway the downsides.

  4. Andy says:

    Fingers crossed for Tour de France! Would love to see it come here. Still check the blog every day too.

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