Leeds today: bicycles, breakfasts, Donny Pride, and rain, rain, rain.

Surprisingly, BGL have been able to find some news (other than rioting) from the last 24 hours.

The Wardrobe are playing host to a series of gigs from Rock School, with Week 3 of 4 happening on the 13th August. Rock School UK runs throughout summer and consists of 5 day long mini-courses for 10-16 year olds on gigging and jamming, playing covers and writing songs. Rawk!

Over on Yelp!, they’ve got a round up of the reviews of the best places to get a breakfast in and around Leeds. As a former resident of Hyde Park, Popina’s will always hold a place in my greasy, greasy heart; but I’m still desperate to try out the Greedy Pig too!

A debate has arisen over the usefulness of government LEP strategies and their implementation, reports the BBC. In a local campaign, Leeds – one of the North’s richest cities – received enterprise zone status as part of their LEP initiative, beating Bradford through plans to develop the Lower Aire Valley and provide 4,000 new jobs. However, with Bradford consistently missing out on economic development, and local residents angered by the continual dismissal of the city over its already prosperous neighbour, the effectiveness of local enterprise partnerships and enterprise zone distribution is in doubt.

Following claims by a local magistrate that Leeds’ police force had been “heavy handed” in their response to the recent shooting in Chapeltown, Chief Inspector Melanie Jones has responded, saying it was important for emergency crews to wait for police assistance in a crime such as this one. The announcement was made at the same time as Chapeltown residents held a mass peace rally for the injured man.

Leeds has been one of three northern cities to lose its cycle paramedic service, along with Hull and Sheffield. The service is claimed to be in insufficient demand, and therefore funds have instead been diverted to traditional rapid response vehicles and ambulances.

After a celebratory weekend of Leeds Pride, it has been announced that a former Doncaster mayoral candidate is to be the leading lady at Manchester Pride in August this year. Michael Felse – whose stage name is Ethol Mary – said that she’d be more Grimsby docker than Lady Gaga (nice). Felse has also arranged for the Sheffield Eagles rugby team to have a float in the Manchester parade, in order to build bridges in the community:

It’s really important that we don’t suddenly think that everyone fits in one box, everybody is different but it is how do we engage those choices…There are a lot of young people who have suffered from homophobia and hate crimes. We have a lot of things to tackle. We have to change the way society works. You have to build trust and respect.

South Leeds Life has come up with an ace little map that highlights all of the community projects happening in and around South Leeds. The map is interactive, can be added to by visitors to the site, and is run by the one and only John Baron (he of Guardian Leeds fame). Good one John!

The Guardian reports on the spread of violence from London to other UK cities, most notably Liverpool and Nottingham. In Nottingham, a fire station was firebombed along with several cars, although no one was injured. There have been over 1,000 reports of incidents across the city in the last few days. Although Leeds is mentioned in the headline, the actual event was some kids throwing stones at a car in Chapeltown: compared to the mass peace vigil that took place (see above) it’s not exactly national  news. Plus, things will dampen down what with all this rain we’re about to get…

The Yorkshire Evening Post reports a severe rainfall warning this weekend for many areas of the north of England, including North Yorkshire. The Flood Forecasting Centre has announced that there may be flash flooding and other torrential downpours, with “a 20% probability of rainfall amounts exceeding 50 millimetres in six hours, with the possibility of 70 millimetres in some areas”.

That’s it for today folks. Would love to hear from anyone who has taken part in the Chapeltown peace vigil, or if you know of any other news stories let us know!

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  1. Sean says:

    FYI, the man in the chapeltown shooting is not deceased, but under guard in hospital with facial injuries. Paragraph 2 of the BBC Article.

  2. Apologies for the error – thanks Sean for pointing it out! Article has been amended.

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