Leeds today: breastfeeding, walking, music exhibition, Leeds digital, Bacon, Bletchley and hometourism

Leeds is trying to make itself the first “breastfeeding friendly” city in the country, says the YEP. Local NHS groups and LCC have teamed up to help ensure breastfeeding mums can feel comfortable doing so when out and about. Often public breastfeeding attracts glares and mutterings from passers-by and mums find it difficult to find anywhere that feels comfortable to feed. John Lawlor, chief executive at NHS Leeds, said:

“Now we need the support of local businesses and community organisations. All they need to do is sign up to the scheme and receive a free resource pack including display materials.”

Feeding-friendly venues and businesses can be found on a dedicated Leeds NHS website.

Archaeologists in Pontefract have uncovered human remains from the civil war, reports Auntie. Bones were recovered from the site of Pontefract General Infirmary, currently being demolished, and are believed to be civilian casualties from the Third Siege of Pontefract in 1648. On the site is a 13th century priory that had been closed in the Dissolution, but had to be reopened during the siege as it was the only cematery available to civilians inside the town. Other finds are coming out of the dig, including Tudor pottery and the remnants of liquorice cultivation from the 1700’s. Archaeologists expect the dig to be over in October, when the site will be covered and re-seeded.

In order to promote a sponsored walk, Ryan Bew had the logo tattooed on his leg. The Hunslet man is organising a walk in South Leeds to raise money for charities including Bliss, the specialist baby care charity, which will take place in the third weekend in September and will also include a fundraising event at BGL’s friends The Hunslet Club. Ryan is looking for donations and walkers, and hopes local businesses will get involved. The tat is a footprint and a hand with a plus in the palm, and was self-designed.

Leeds Town Hall will play host to an exhibition of Leeds bands and music across the city as part of the Leeds Fringe. “Where Were you?”, an exhibition of Leeds music history, shall be in the crypt and free to enter between 9 and 5 from Friday 12th until the 27th August, and features photographs and memorabilia from 50 years of music across the city. Expect some Sisters stuff!

The YEP brings us the story of the Leeds couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next month who met at Bramley Baths. Mike and Ann Greenhough met when Mike pushed Ann off a diving board at the Baths at the tender age of 11, and Mrs Greenhough may even tackle a sponsored swim to help raise money for the facility, which is under threat of closure. Bramley Baths has seen some great events in recent months and will have reduced opening hours soon as part of LCC cuts to leisure funding. The community feeling towards the baths is so strong it has won the support of prominent locals who have loud voices, and people who use the baths are beginning to speak out as well. BGL has covered some of the events and discussions around the baths, and hopes that people like Mrs Greenhough keep coming forwards with stories like these.

The Leeds Digital Festival has been running a competition for local design agencies to sort out the branding for the event. The winner will be announced at an event in Millennium Square on Friday Lunchtime on the big screen. People from social media and the digital world have been voting on the preferred branding (BGL has a favourite and did vote) and the winner will be emblazoned across a marketing strategy for the Festival happening in October.

A new exhibition has opened at Huddersfield Art Gallery of a work by Francis Bacon. Figure Study II is owned by Kirklees council but only one gallery in that area has the right conditions to display the work, which will be viewable by the public until the end of August. The council say:

The work was purchased by The Contemporary Art Society from the exhibition at the Lefevre Gallery but it was not until 1952 that Ronald Gelsthorpe, the curator of the Bagshaw Art Gallery, accepted it on behalf of Batley Council making it the first work by Bacon to enter a public collection outside London.

The work is considered to be a particularly important one as Bacon destroyed most of his early pieces.

Leeds landscape photographer Tim Parkin will be talking at Photobook Month Leeds in September, an event about photobooks – how to put one together, get it printed and looking at the way digital photography has changed the photo album. Organised by Bob Books, a POD service where you can design your own photobooks, there are events happening across the country in September featuring local photographers who are pretty well known in their communities – Dan Sumption in Sheffield, for example.

Exploring Leeds takes a look at the link between Horsforth and Bletchley Park. During one week in 1941 Horsforth residents raised more than enough money to sponsor a warship, the HMS Aubrietia, which played a significant role in capturing U110, thus enabling a working Enigma machine to be delivered to the codebreaking school at Bletchley. This is a fascinating tale and should be read by anybody with a sense of adventure and how small details contribute to the bigger picture.

Finally today, Hometourist puppet Mark O’Brien spent a day getting crafty, making toffee in Wakey and stitching things and making paper cranes at Craftsville in Arcadia with a stop in between to see work at the Hepworth, wondering if people see Wakefield as a place of potential when they pass through on their way to Kings Cross.

That’s it for today! As ever, get in touch if you want to comment on these or any other stories you think need to be told. You can email or tweet us, or tell me off for not finishing off the Create Leeds article yet if I happen to walk past you on the street. Thanks for reading!

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