Leeds today: Light night, rail strike, local TV meeting and Simon on the Streets

Good morning Leeds!

It’s the second of my guest posts for Beyond Guardian Leeds while Mike is taking a well-earned break, writes John Baron.

I attended an informal meeting about Leeds’ bids for local television at Leeds Media Centre in Chapeltown yesterday. If you’re not aware, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has invited companies to run local TV stations, which would appear on a dedicated Freeview channel in a bid to increase local people’s access to democracy. Apparently there are three local consortia in Leeds so far who could be bidding to run a local station.

I won’t go into a great deal of detail about the ins and outs of the meeting, which was attended by media bods, interested parties, a couple of mainstream media orgs and members of the community, except to say I found it slightly depressing.

The aim of local TV is to cover issues/communities in more depth, but the government has said that Leeds TV would also need to cover places such as Dewsbury and Huddersfield – but therein lies the problem for me. The geography is simply too wide. People in Leeds have no interest in hyperlocal Huddersfield issues and vice versa. How can you provide real focus on such a big and diverse area in just a few hours of programming a day? Leeds is big enough to deserve its own TV station – anything else and you’re just watering down the concept into more generic regional TV, which we’ve already got in abundance.

What’s making the city tick today?

Are you ready for this year’s Light Night, on October 7?

The first of two 24-hour strikes on First TransPennine Express trains has started after pay talks between unions and bosses broke down. Some trains will be disurpted in Leeds today so sheck before you travel.

Looking Good, Holbeck and Beeston is a new photography project encouraging local peopel to take positive photographs of their community. The Looking Good Bramley project is also worth a look.

Want the real story of homelessness and street sleepers in Leeds? Check out the Simon on the Streets blog. Try out the empathy exercise on their website – it’s a real eye opener.

Do you live in Headingley? Why not take part in the community orchard? More details here.

Extra police are being deployed ahead of what is expected to be the Leeds’s busiest weekend of the year, reports Jonathan Brown for the YEP. The same paper has the latest photo of building work on the new Leeds Arena on Clay Pit Lane – seems to be shaping up nicely!

Exploring Leeds blog reflects on a rare chance to go and look around the new hydroelectric scheme up at Burley in Wharfedale, close to the site of the former Greenholme Mills.

Darren Cronian reviews Out of The Woods juice bar at Granary Wharf for My Life in Leeds blog.

Extra bobbies will be on the Bank Holiday beat in Leeds city centre thanks to funding from some of the major nightclubs and bars.

East Leeds-based Coven blog reports the last band concert of 2011 was a complete success.

What do you think? Have your say in the comments section below. Tomorrow, Ellie Snare’s back on the blog for your roundup.

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