Leeds today: Heritage, care homes, Tesco, and snippets from Twitter!

Hello Leeds! Autumn is well on its way in my neck of the woods – reminds me of when I had to get up for school and it was still dark.

City Varieties, the newly refurbished music hall that we at BGL have been keeping an eye on, are naming their new auditorium after Mr Jimi Heselden, a Leeds entrepreneur who started out as a miner. His donations to the theatre – under the name ‘Jimbo’s fund’ – have aided in its progress and continued work with external projects. Jimi’s widow has said that the naming of the auditorium will be a touching tribute to her husband, who died last September.

Also on the BBC, if we weren’t already bogged down with enough political pains-in-the-arses, LCC have now voted to close down five of its remaining care homes, with the stipulation that two will only be closed after new ones are built in Morley and Otley. There are only 14 care hours within the LCC remit so this is a significant number to be shut.  I don’t really understand why they are going to close five and then build another two – why not just close three if necessary and improve two? Clearly the economic workings of LCC are way beyond me, but what do you think – do you know anyone in, or who works at, these care homes? What do you think a better plan would be?

Much of Twitter has been raging with two things this past week – the proposed NHS reforms and debate in Parliament, and Nadine D***ies abortion amendments. In the Leeds and West Yorkshire area, Hilary Benn, Rachel Reeves and Greg Mulholland all voted no on the NHS reform bill; however, I feel a bit disappointed as Mr Mullholland went ahead and supported Dastardly D***ies with her campaign. Sort it out Greg.

After Mike’s notification of the building apprenticeship for Leeds’ students yesterday, today Exploring Leeds has a great photo post on the current progress of Leeds Arena and Trinity Leeds, huge architectural megaliths that are set to dramatically change the skyline of Leeds.

Today until the 11th September sees a selection of Leeds venues holding historic tours around their grounds to celebrate Heritage Open Days weekend. One is Lawnswood Cemetery, reports Holt Park Today. The statues in the cemetery, including the famous Ethel at the Gate, will be feature on the walk which talks place today at 10 and 11am. So if you run, you might catch it! Even if  you don’t get to the tour, how about checking out this local landmark on your own tour this weekend? Friends of Leeds Kirkgate Market will also be doing guided tours of the market space on Friday and Saturday – you can find out more details on their blog. Over 4000 sites have registered for the Heritage Open Days weekend, have a look at this incredibly helpful table to plan your weekend!

The Guardian Northerner blog reports on Tesco’s bid to finally build a store in the last postcode area in Britain without one (that’s frightening…common fact: Tesco also employ more people than the army!) The area in Harrogate under ‘HG’ code, although having a couple of Tesco Expresses (more expensive and smaller) is the last area in the UK without a big store, alongside the Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland. Councillors approved the development although there is still huge opposition to the scheme, as residents and others are worried about small shops being lost, traffic being increased, and various other concerns.

In food news, this weekend saw the launch of a new tapas bar, La Tasca, the second in the UK to open. The event was celebrated by flamenco dancers on Millennium Square and Briggate. Some of Culture Vultures lucky writers visited Cattle Grid, a new steak  house, on Tuesday – Penny’s review is particularly good (warning: the Culture Vultures link does include a picture of me in a faux-cape and trying to hide my food baby).

The next few pieces are short items we’ve been asked to highlight and will cover in more detail in the future:

Healthy Living Network based in Leeds are today starting a children’s oral and dental health scheme, hosted at children’s centres across the city (thanks to @davaikoshka).

The Leeds International Film Festival – that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year – has opened up applications for volunteers. A great opportunity for film lovers, buffs, students and enthusiasts alike (thanks to @ladylugosi).

And finally, because I was asked to mention it, the AGM for the next Beeston Festival has been set! Find out more about the festival on their website (thanks to @EwanMitchell).

That’s it for today – don’t forget to tweet, email, or just catch us in the street and give us your news. This BGL staffer is off to a swanky Vogue event tonight after drinks with the BGL Team, so you might hear about that next week. Ciao dahlings!

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4 Responses to Leeds today: Heritage, care homes, Tesco, and snippets from Twitter!

  1. Left Bank Leeds says:

    Hey everyone, Heritage Open Days start today! Why not pop down to http://www.leftbankleeds.org.uk between 6 and 8 tonight. http://www.leedsguildofsingers.org.uk will be performing at 7.

  2. Paul Thomas says:

    What’s so frightening about another Tesco’s opening? It’s just a big shop.

    • Except it’s a big shop in an area already congested with traffic, where delivery lorries will interfere with residents, where there’s already two smaller supermarkets within walking distance and the White Rose Centre less than a mile away. There’s no *need* for it, and it adds to the monoculture. It’s not frightening, it’s disappointing.

      • Paul Thomas says:

        The implication of the anti-supermarket view seems to be that if separate butchers, bakers, grocers, chemists, and hardware stores, etc opened up, that would be fine, but it somehow becomes a problem if all of those are under one big roof at a cheaper price. Why don’t we let the public decide if there’s a *need* for it. If it’s not needed it’ll close down.

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