BGL’s Alternative Photo Competition 2011

Eastbound Headrow

Eastbound Headrow

We said we’d do it, and here we are.

On Tuesday we posted about this photo competition run by Leeds City Council looking for images that sum up Leeds life in 2011. We suggested that we should do something alternative to the council’s vision, people seemed into it, so now it’s on baby!

The BGL Alternative Photo Competition is a quest to find YOUR photographic representation of Leeds life in 2011, however you think it needs to be represented.

We have no categories or particular themes you should stick to, instead only asking for an image of your Leeds – rough and tumble, beautiful, fractured, explosive, redundant, expressive, whatever you want. As with the council’s competition, you should provide a caption with your image explaining why you believe this photo is a representation of Leeds.

As with the council’s competition, our BGL competition will close on Friday 30th September. We also have two ways to enter, just like the council, except ours are:

  • Email with your high resolution image and caption, including a name and any online/Twitter aliases (subject line should be Alt Leeds 2011)
  • Upload your image to our BGL Alt Photo comp 2011 Flickr group with caption, etc – please tag your image with “bglapc2011” and add your twitter alias to the description

Please only do ONE of these, not both! The council are announcing their winners at the end of November: this isn’t that specific so ours will be on the 20th November. Depending on how many photos we get, there might be some sort of ‘event’ at the end, maybe. That bit is currently being, erm, ‘organised’.

Our winners will be chosen through the selection process of whether we like it or not. Just as in the council competition, there is unfortunately no cash prize for this competition, merely the kudos of being recognised by BGL as a shit hot photographer.

However, unlike the council, the successful images from BGL Alternative Photo Competition will not be used to support the new State of the City Report. Unlike the council, we will also not be displaying your work in public spaces throughout the city, in our own and our partners’ publications, and the images will not be used in publications about the city, on ours and our partners’ internet sites (without your consent), in council buildings or in presentations and promotional material. At all. We will, however, give full credit to the photographers right across the board.

And that’s a BGL promise. Spread the word – we want to see your alternative vision of Leeds.

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