Leeds today: extensions, M62, trees, antiques, cake, other food, and a dog statue.

Morning! This weekend saw a lot of interesting blogs get posted as well as some fun news and events that are coming up.

LCC is looking for “views” on a new guide being put together for householders wanting to build extensions or other home improvements that may need to go through the planning process. There is a public consultation meeting on Oct 18th, but in an interesting turn of phrase:

The meeting for West Leeds will be in the morning and for East Leeds in the afternoon.

Note anything missing? In any event, this could be a very useful publication and it would be important to get it right.

The Morley Observer reports that £150m of works being done to the M62 starts today. Unfortunately we’ve missed the exhibition showing details of the work (why couldn’t they be kept there for the duration of the works?) but in any event contractors will be clearing the hard shoulder and installing traffic management, with the work itself due to begin in October. Please be aware that speed cameras will be in place! There’s a 50 limit in place between J27-28 until the end of the works in 2013-14.

The village near Scarborough trying to stop a tree from being cut down are working in shifts to keep someone in the tree, reports the YEP. Interesting coda: “North Yorkshire County Council is understood to have already run up a £250,000 legal bill over the dispute, although a spokesman stressed much of this would be covered by insurance.” BGL would love to see that claim form. And presumably now all public works contracts have to have a “Swampy” clause?

With the cutbacks forcing care homes to close, LCC leader Cllr Keith Wakefield has acknowledged that care provision is under pressure, according to the Yorkshire Post. More vulnerable adults are on the streets and the elderly are finding services either scaled back or more expensive.

A Middleton man has been arrested in connection to a £5M recovery of stolen antiques, reports the BBC. The antiques, which are still being formally examined, were found after a year-long investigation. There’ll be a lot about this story in the news today.

The Bake Lady starts making cake from a book of old Yorkshire recipes, and asks where the name of “Golby cake” comes from. Any ideas? Let us know! Also in the blogs is a comment by Exploring Leeds on the Vision of Leeds exercise we mentioned last week – perhaps the people it should be focussed at is the people who live here and not “stakeholders”, whomever they are.

Katie Leedsgrub makes note of the Yorkshire Food & Drink Fair at LMU tomorrow. LMU’s website has a few more details. Over on Culture Vultures were a number of interesting posts: a review of the World Curry Festival caught my eye;

… why not tell people about this, actually flag the differences, explain the differences between Bengali and Punjabi curry, between Bangladashi and Jamaican curry and let people experience that rather than just shovelling out servings for £5 a go(?)

BGL also attended the curry fest – it was difficult not to – and very nearly bought a tiffin box. It was a bit of an odd event; small stalls selling chutneys, almost like a farmer’s market alongside an all-you-can-eat curry tent. The Times of India has also mentioned the event.

Also on CV: the proposals for PSL to move to Tetley’s, alongside a writeup of the Central Library via Heritage Open Days. Both good articles, with the PSL article generating some controversy!

Finally today, The Guardian Northerner looks at a statue of a dog in Todmorden that appears to be magic. So magic, in fact, that people travel from all over the country to touch it.

Hopefully this week we’ll get writeups of The 2.8 Hours Later games that were played over the weekend and a review of the LSxJunior event from yesterday (where I was showing 8 year-olds how to make cameras from matchboxes). Keep an eye out!

As ever, if you have anything you’d like to say on these or any other stories about the region then let us know! Email, tweet or send us a messenger pigeon. From next week we’re also accepting semaphore messages too.

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