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Leeds today: graves, buckets, hacking, beds, Savile, LIFF and fusion.

Morning! Monday again, and we’re here to see what’s what! Alas, Leeds legend and inventor of what we call “pop” music Sir Jimmy Savile has died, aged 84. Trying to find something different to do after recovering from a mine … Continue reading

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Leeds today: Armley gaol, Merrion Centre, roads, planning, extra-marital affairs, and the Halloween weekend

@mw_obrien with you this morning. I must admit, I’ve been uncharacteristically under the weather this week — but I feel positively tingling at the prospect of the weekend ahead here in Leeds. Among the headlines in the city this morning … Continue reading

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Leeds today: commerce, allotments, baths, leakage, future, lights, Tolkein, and Love Arts

Morning! Elly is on a train, so Mike is doing today’s roundup. One of the more interesting politics stories doing the rounds at the moment is the mini coup d’etat that it appears the Chamber of Commerce tried to get … Continue reading

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Leeds today: alien invasion, wine coolers, treasure, library, dash, BANG!

The alien invasion has begun! Well, perhaps. Star Jelly has been found in various places on the Moors around Huddersfield, reports the Examiner. Seven year-old Ketan Jalota found some when out walking on Marden Moor over the weekend, which is … Continue reading

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Leeds today: barbershop, fraud, history, floods.

Morning all, Elly Snare here with you for today’s news roundup! The BBC reports on tragic news that a policeman has died on the Wakefield M1 after he was hit by an HGV. It’s believed that he had got out … Continue reading

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Leeds today: burning, demonstrating, a vision, volunteering, photohunt, Summat and romance.

Morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend! We did, but first – the news! The YEP has more on the Incinerator story we’ve been covering for a while; the Liberal Democrat contingent of LCC are warning against being locked into … Continue reading

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Leeds today: Libya, Russia, Tesco, universities, dogs, milestones, and weekend tips

Now then Leeds, it’s Friday and here to take you into the weekend it’s @mw_obrien once again. First up, more on Thursday morning’s fire that was begun at a derelict building off Dewsbury Road near the White Rose Centre – … Continue reading

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Leeds today: floating bookshops, brew, dragons, dancers, and Hughes.

Morning all: @ebsnare here with you this morning for a clutch of interesting news stories. You may have heard of a mobile library, but what about a floating bookshop? The Book Barge is  a new addition to Leeds literary scene, … Continue reading

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Leeds Today: cuban zombies, magic power plants and chip wars!

Hello! Sorry for the delay, here’s today’s best of the best (of the stuff you’ve probably not read)… An event taking place at Leeds Corn Exchange this weekend aims ‘to showcase the finest food and drink producers in the North … Continue reading

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Leeds today: gambling, bugling, policing, programming, flying and, erm, environmentalling.

Fancy a bit of gambling? Leeds City Council have been working behind the scenes on an application for a “supercasino” in the city, according to the Yorkshire Post. The timetable for applications will be presented to the licensing committee at … Continue reading

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