Leeds today: supperclubs, indie theatre, city centre, Beeston, Chapeltown and bishops.

Morning! We hope you all had good weekends and made the most of the weather.

Highlighting the dangers of the Leeds Waterfront to new students has been the job of the Leeds Riverside Safety Group this week. Two students have died and been recovered from the Aire in recent years and the group hopes to make newcomers to the city aware of the dangers present. Several people have died in or near to the river this year alone and it is hoped that warnings will be heeded.

An all-female swimming team including a member from Bradford is hoping that they have secured a record for swimming around the Isle of Wight. The Lovelies were hoping to break the relay swim record of 16 hours.

A vote held at a diocese of Ripon and Leeds meeting on Saturday means that 19 CoE dioceses in the UK have voted for the ordination of women bishops, reports the Telegraph. So far all the dioceses that have held the vote have passed the reforms and only four more from the remaining 25 are needed to pass the reform motion.

Director and writer Mark Kermode will be at the Hyde Park Picture House this evening; he speaks to the Yorkshire Post about his life, works and a golden age of cinema that seems to have passed unnoticed.

Beeston Hill residents may not be aware of the Beeston Hill Resident’s Voice, a community organisation that offers to raise local issues with relevant people. The next meeting is on Tuesday 4th at 7pm at the Building Blocks Centre on Tempest Road. Community orgs like this are a great way of getting to know and putting something back into where you live and need to thrive.

Mike Chitty held the first Chapeltown Conversation last week – a way of getting a community to talk about what they need – and got some immediate feedback on what a website for the area could contain; seems like an interesting blueprint.

Regular readers will be aware of Lynn of Secret Tea Room and Clandestine Cake fame; she’s had a bot of a foodie weekend, first dining at Sara Danesin Medio’s home restaurant in York, followed by Dinner at The Manor, a brand new supper club that has opened in Leeds. Both meals sound incredible, and we at BGL *love* supper clubs and hope that they do well. In other food news, Katie Leedsgrub reviews the newly-reopened Crescent in Ilkley. Does it work? Read to find out.

Slung Low Theatre Company, based in Holbeck, has secured funding from the Arts Council; Theatre Director Alan Lane talks about his thoughts on what “administrative capacity” means, as well as where the company is heading and where it has been.

Finally today, over on Culture Vultures Rachel Cooper asks whether Leeds City Centre is actively excluding the older generation. Baby boomers are feeling that the city after teatime is a no-go area, which is a shame and hopefully events such as Light Night will change that.

That’s it for today! As ever, get in touch if you have anything to say – Elly will be with you tomorrow – and we hope to hear from you soon. Later in the week we’re taking a closer look at Morley Lit Fest as well as Light Night – are you hosting events at either of these? Let us know!

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  1. Mike Chitty says:

    Just a little correction necessary here! I had a small hand in planning, an even smaller hand in facilitating, and an even smaller hand in washing up at the first Chapeltown Conversation, which was actually convened by the Chapeltown Development Trust. Credit where credit is due and all that….Cath Muller, Riley, Sharon from the Council, Tara and the rest of the team did much more to make this happen than I did!

  2. Sticky Pinny says:

    Thanks for mentioning our little supper club! The night was, we think a success – thanks to Lynn for her kind words! For more info, you can find us at http://dinneratthemanor.wordpress.com/

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