Leeds today: Samhain, book club, breakfast, cake, poverty, schools, and the M62.

Hello! Slightly late today, sorry about that.

Out of Leeds news: Bradford Central Library has been closed as it is a fire hazard, apparently. Changes in fire safety standards have meant that the building – perfectly safe by 1960 standards, when it was built – is apparently now a potential deathtrap.

The BBC has taken a look at 40 years of the Pennine stretch of the M62. The motorway was officially opened by the Queen on 14th October 1971, and a series of articles look back on the highest motorway in England.

A power station that runs on waste oil has opened in North Leeds. The plant uses a fuel derived from oil collected from local authorities, prisons and schools.

A church in Mirfield faces a bill of over £20,000 to repair and replace 168 metal memorial plaques that were stolen last year. In order to raise the money they intend to have a sponsored walk of the parish boundaries, a tradition that has lapsed in recent years.

There’s going to be a meeting about the plans for South Leeds Sports Centre tonight at Hillside House, organised by the SPLASH campaign. There will be an event on November 5th to highlight the loss of the site, which could become another primary school in the area.

Talking of schools, Ed Milliband paid a visit to his infant school in Leeds last week. Featherbank in Horsforth has just had a new wing opened by the Labour leader who left a (red) handprint on a mural at the school.

Also in the YEP today is news that the Victoria Quarter is up for sale. Got a spare £135m? BGL would love to be part of a consortium, but I’m afraid we can stretch to.. 58p. 78p if that rattle in the washing machine is the 20p I think is is.

In stark contrast to this, Mike Chitty’s Disrupting Poverty session on Friday seems to have got some people thinking. Mike has written up his thoughts of the day, but we’d dearly love to hear from attendees about their impressions of what was achieved there. (BGL should have been there, but alas…)

Last week’s National Cake Week seems to have gone well; organiser Lynn Hill puts her thoughts into words and gives us a rundown on the week.

Cookridge Scout Group are trying to get a new kitchen, says Holt Park Today, and need your help! It’s a “most votes wins” thing for funding from a high street bank community funding programme. More details are on their website.

My Life In Leeds has a look at what’s on in Leeds theatres in coming months. There’s some fun things happening over the next quarter, from serious, cutting edge drama to musicals and comedy. And panto, of course!

Welcome to Yorkshire also have a list of what’s going on over the next couple of months in their newsletter, along with some competitions and thoughts on village co-ops as well as what to do for Samhain. Sorry, I mean All Hallow’s Eve. Hallowe’en.

Finally today, we take a look at three articles from Culture Vultures. The first two are foodie; a review of Pinche Pinche in Chapel Allerton, an interesting new Mexican street food restaurant, followed by Emma’s own look at where to go for breakfast on a Sunday when all you want is a fry up. (BGL, with it’s veggie head on, can recommend the Greedy Pig for the Saturday veggie equivalent, but it’s not open on Sundays.)

The final CV tale is a look at a book club for middle-aged, middle class men, who want your help on selecting the next book for them to read. Can BGL readers help out? What good books have you read recently?

And that’s it for today; as always, please get in touch if you have a story you’d like us to cover! And thanks for reading.

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  1. Elaine Smith says:

    Ed Milliband went to Featherbank School in Horsforth.

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