Leeds today: burning, demonstrating, a vision, volunteering, photohunt, Summat and romance.

Morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend! We did, but first – the news!

The YEP has more on the Incinerator story we’ve been covering for a while; the Liberal Democrat contingent of LCC are warning against being locked into a 25-year PFI contract. New news: Biffa are also thinking about an energy-from-waste plant in the Aire valley.

Also in the YEP, demonstrators from across the region marched on Leeds this weekend to protest against the “sledgehammer” cuts.

Organiser Rachel Burr said: “The cuts are going to have a disproportionate impact on the disabled – £9bn will be taken from disabled people’s services and benefits. Many of these people are already vulnerable and living in poverty and it is unfair that they are being targeted. Many of them depend on these services and benefits to have any quality of life.”

Jumbo records was 40 on Saturday! Happy birthday, Jumbo! Would you believe it, Corrine Bailey Rae was there to help them celebrate!

The Cornucopia event at the Corn Exchange over the weekend seems to have been a big success; we’ve not seen many blogs about it so far but BGL was there on Sunday and everybody seemed to be having a really nice time. We *love* the foodie scene in Leeds – everybody seems to supportive and the producers we spoke to have a great network. We hope to have more on this in coming days.

The Vision for Leeds website has been launched, with links to the 2030 vision and the climate change strategy easily findable. Does this vision match yours? Frankly, there isn’t nearly enough flying cars or jetpacks in this vision for my liking. How about you?

Also from LCC; there will be a Volunteer centre marketplace event at Test Space Leeds on Melbourne St in a fortnight’s time. This event will concentrate on health and wellbeing; you can get more information on this or other types of volunteering from the Volunteer Centre on St Paul’s Rd. Do you want to do more to help your community, but aren’t sure how to go about it? These guys will have the answers you need.

South Leeds Life has had a busy couple of days. We have the South Leeds Photohunt coming up; part of the Looking Good, Beeston and Holbeck and the Leeds Digital Festival, the photohunt will include tours of faith centres, community organisations and getting to speak to the people who are the faces of these communities. 26th November, and BGL will certainly be there.

Also from SLS is news that the Holbeck and Beeston Hill regeneration scheme has finally been greenlit. This is one of the more deprived and neglected areas of Leeds, but it represents a close-knit community; £180m of PFI money will be spent on regenerating these and some other areas, hopefully in a sensitive manner.

Upcoming events include the next instalment of Get into Gaming, a series of talks at the Adelphi about, well, computer games. 23rd November for that one, which also ties it into Leeds Digital. (We’re going to cover the Leeds Digital Festival in more detail soon.)

For something a little more low-tech, the Leeds Summat, now in it’s third year, will be returning on Nov 26th. Another event on that date! Not only are there activities, workshops and seminars about how you can make a change to the world, there will be talks from Peter Tatchell, Maurice Glasman and Justin Rowlatt.

Slightly closer to today, East Streets Arts are having free workshop on developing inspiration on Oct 29th. That could be a lot of fun and worth considering.

In the blogs, we have Darren from My Life in Leeds reviewing Cafe 164 (and by extension, Leeds’ newest art gallery).

We’ve got two articles from The Culture Vulture; the first is two reviews in one of The Living Room, and the second is Joanna Hartley’s look at Leeds youth theatre group, Escape:cyt. Inspirational stuff.

Janey Dodge pokes a wry finger at the snide views people have of romantic fiction (which contains the brilliant line “Crime fiction doesn’t reduce murder rates and sci-fi doesn’t mean we won’t get invaded by aliens“), well worth a read.

Finally today, we say cheerio to The Book Barge (who swapped a book for some of my banana loaf) who write about a familiar sight in Leeds waterfront; the narrowboat decked out to look like a U-boat. The Barge is off to Nottingham, so if you’re in the area pop in and say hello!

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  1. Sarah Covell says:

    What a set of hypocrits, the lib dem /conservative coalitions started off this Waste Project in 2008 and carried on regardless of public outrage whilst they were in adminstration and it they were awarded the PFI credits from DEFRA to go ahead with it. I find it strange that they should now oppose it. Ex Council Leader Richard Brett started the project and backed it all the way until he resigned last year.

    Anyway No2 Incinerator is a local Richmond Hill based group which opposes the incineration of waste and has vigourously opposed these from the start. http://no2incinerator.blogspot.com/

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