Leeds today: graves, buckets, hacking, beds, Savile, LIFF and fusion.

Morning! Monday again, and we’re here to see what’s what!

Alas, Leeds legend and inventor of what we call “pop” music Sir Jimmy Savile has died, aged 84. Trying to find something different to do after recovering from a mine explosion, Sir Jim started spinning records in dance halls in the city in the ’50s – indeed, the frontage to one of the clubs, the Locarno, can still be seen in the VQ. No ladies were entirely safe around him, it must be said, but he brought happiness to hundreds of kids who asked him to “fix it” for them and raised millions in charity money. He’s going to be missed – characters like that don’t come around very often.

As reported on BGL last week Silentnight is moving its bed production facility to Lancashire. It appears that Silentnight wanted to move everything to Yorkshire but apparently a site could not be found by Kirklees council. A factory of suitable size could only be built on greenbelt, according to Mehboob Khan, Labour leader of Kirklees Council. This staggers me; Kirklees is riddled with mills and factories that are in private ownership but empty and disused. Surely a little more effort could have saved those 200 jobs in Batley and brought even more to the region?

Two more from the BBC; a couple got married at the weekend on stage at the City Varieties! Good for them, the first to have done so. It’s a pretty brave thing but if that’s what they wanted we can only applaud them. Also, a new Cultural Fusion centre has opened in Bradford; the youth centre, which opened its doors yesterday, is on Thornton Road in a converted mill. The young people of Bradford can use the climbing wall or gym, music production facilities, the dance studio or te rooftop cafe.

Via the Yorkshire Post: every home and business in York is to be given high-speed broadband. Ah, wait; “access to” is missing from the headline. What this means is that fibre is going to be laid around residential streets and people will be able to subscribe to it if they wish. Be prepared for roadworks and letters from ISPs offering connection to the network. I understand that homes might find having a fibre connection useful, although waiting 8 seconds for an album to download instead of 29 seconds won’t make a huge difference to many peoples lives.

From the YEP: the Tennants Hall Enterprise Centre in Middleton has opened. It’s hoped that the centre will support new and existing businesses in South Leeds, and offers meeting rooms and an IT suite as well as offices and large space for exhibitions.

On South Leeds Life is an itinerary of what’s going on this week in the area. From SPLASH to Beeston Community Forum it’s a busy week of community events and meetings. If you would like to help out your local community these groups are a great place to start.

On Simon on the Streets’ new blog is a short but sweet writeup of the sleep out that took place in September.

On Culture Vultures are two articles well worth taking a look at. LIFF25 starts today and we all need a guide on how to survive such a deluge of cinema; occasional BGL contributor Kirsty Ware has written a guide on surviving LIFF (although she’s called it “How to get the most from…”). This is a textbook example of organisational skill that will blow your socks off.

Secondly, Ashley Mann asks “What is a Culture Hack?” before going on to answer that question. It is an event at which techies and cultural types get together to lash up ways of joining the two things together via use of smartphone apps, websites, calendars, and acres of raw data provided by the likes of YSP or Opera North. As part of Leeds Digital Festival Culture Hack will take part at OBH on the 12-13th Nov.

Speaking of LDF, it starts tomorrow! How exciting!

Exploring Leeds went grave hunting. A suitable topic for Halloween, I think! They were on the hunt for one particular grave, that of John Atkinson Grimshaw. This is a tale of hunting through books, maps, and X marks the spot. Worth reading. (I love Grimshaw’s work, by the way, and was surprised to find out he was buried mere feet away from where I eat lunch on sunny days.)

Lynn from My Secret Tea room talks about “bucket lists”; the list of things you’d like to do if you had unlimited time, money and connections. Do you have such a thing? (we at BGL do but had never heard the phrase “bucket list” before.)

Finally, definitely-not-a-psychic and barefoot running advocate Harrison Richards will be doing the Abbey Dash in his bare feet. Harrison gave a talk at a recent Bettakultcha on the benefits of going barefoot and he is putting his best foot forwards to raise money for charity on the Dash. Good for you, Harrison!

That’s it for us today; have a good Halloween, and we’ll see you on All Saint’s Day.

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