Leeds today: awards, funding, parkin, protest.




Morning all! Elly here today checking in after an awesome night at Bettakultcha. Ouch.

The People I Have Known features an interview with a rising Leeds-based comic star, Biz Jones, creator of a dark comic suitable for post-Halloween reading.

BBC News has a great video celebration of Jimmy Savile, with many friends and acquaintances talking about his life and knowing the great man.

Also on the BBC, the news that Bradford city centre will see a £35million funding boost – hopefully they’ll now finish the Broadway shopping centre!

BREAKING NEWS: Exploring Leeds received an email from Left Bank Leeds who, last night, won a Heritage Angel award for best rescue of a place of workship. Hooray! Next week a Ceilidh is being held at Left Bank – and should all go.

Bonfire Night is this Saturday and South Leeds Life is inviting people down to the Hunslet Club to celebrate with some sparklers.

Dog bites man – boring. Man bites dog = interesting. Dog eats Batman = better.

Paul Miller will be cycling from Leeds to er, Leeds in order to support the Poppy Appeal. That is Leeds in Kent, to Leeds in West Yorkshire! Report over on the YEP.

Diary of A Benefit Scrounger has a moving account of the Hardest Hit protest that happened in Leeds – and across the country – last Saturday. Well worth a read.

Exposure Leeds is hosting a fantastic event this Wednesday with photographer Joe Stenson, discussing urban exploration and the search for new urban imagery in forgotten spaces.

And to get you in the winter spirit, Tea and Cake has the ultimate parkin recipe – yum! Don’t forget to keep sending us in your noos and voos (news and views there) by Twitter, email, or whatevers. Ciao!

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