Leeds today: potholes, photos, panto, and cakemen.

Morning all! Elly here today for your news roundup in Leeds and Yorkshire.

The Guardian Northerner blog reports on a potholing breakthrough as the final link in the Three Counties system has been opened up. If nothing else, this article taught me that there is a website called ukCaving.com – who knew?

Further news on the proposed refurbishment of Oblong’s base can be found on their website; they are also holding a volunteer meeting on Wednesday 16th November.

The Culture Vulture has a little feature on the Bradford Animation Festival 2011 and how kids can get involved, including a workshop on how to bring Lego characters to life. Sa-weet.

Lynn, of Clandestine Cake Club, is asking: where all the men at? (sort of) Well, she’s setting up a page on the CCC website for Men Who Bake, on which they should include ‘a picture of yourself with/and your latest cake’. I sense a calendar coming on…

My Life in Leeds has a great roundup of the best arts and crafts shops in Leeds: can I heartily recommend B&M Fabrics, who are knowledgable, well-priced, and all round good guys? Great list for those of us making our Christmas presents this year.

Pop sensation Example has added a new date to his UK tour, reports the LCC website, and will be playing Millennium Square in May next year. I imagine this is pretty exciting but unfortunately I don’t know who this chap is.

The Leeds International Film Festival continues on with a plethora of magical films to suit all tastes. Our cultural websites here in Leeds are doing some great reviews, too, if you can’t make it to the film itself; check out Culture Vultures and TQS Magazine for fantastic reviews of Wuthering Heights (and many others!)

Today’s the day before Jimmy Savile’s funeral, and his gold-coloured coffin arrived this morning at the Queens Hotel for mourners to pay their respects, reports BBC News. The Guardian Northerner blog has a very sweet piece on the great man too. We’d love to hear from anyone who will be paying their last respects to Savile, or attending the cathedral service – or even if Jim fixed something for you – so please do email us.

Scarborough tourist boards have hit back at Gary Barlow after he described one of the terrifically bad X Factor contestants as comparable with “the opening of a bad pantomime in Scarborough”. Whoops!

The Morley Observer & Advertiser has an interesting article on the commanding of Morley’s local council by around 50 adults with learning disabilities in order to learn more about the processses of democracy in Morley. One young woman, Susan Hanley, shadowed a senior councillor for a day in order to learn more about a typical day in the life of a political figure. A great project and one that should maybe be extended out to include more groups who want to find out more about how local government is run.

Over on the BBC, MPs are arguing that there is a ‘good case’ for a high speed rail link between London, Birmingham and beyond. They apparently added that ‘it is “unfortunate” that it crosses the Chilterns area of outstanding natural beauty’. Indeed.

Leeds Daily Photo has a beautiful image of a war memorial with details about some of the men who were inscribed thereon; this memorial also bears the words “Is it nothing to you all ye that pass by?” which I think is a particularly poignant and relevant point to think about at this time of year.

Finally, both myself and Mark will be at Write Publish Read tonight as part of the Leeds Digital Festival, speaking on a panel about the use of the digital in publication and generation of words, like. Should be great fun and definitely come along and/or say hi!

That’s it for today; don’t forget to send in your news snippets for our delectation and digestion. Ciao!

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