Leeds today: Sir Jimmy, fixing it, Summat, awards, and the blogs

Good morning from @mw_obrien here.

Leading the news this morning is the coverage of a sombre day as friends and family joined hundreds of fans young and old to pay their last respects to Sir Jimmy Savile, whose funeral was held at Leeds Cathedral.

Martin Wainwright posted throughout the day, reflecting on a beautiful sermon in which Sir Jimmy’s life was described as an “epic of giving”. A cortege carried his gold coffin through the city centre, stopping outside Leeds General Infirmary where he long volunteered as a porter. An extraordinary set of people came together for the funeral: among them Lord Tebbit, boxer Frank Bruno, and DJ Mike Read. It was also revealed yesterday that a bequest from Sir Jimmy will be used to create a new institute at the LGI for heart patients across Yorkshire.

Fans from far and wide came to Leeds to pay tribute to him as his gold coffin was on display at the Queen’s Hotel on Tuesday. When I dropped by early in the evening, visitors were still arriving, offering a prayer and signing their names and their messages in books of condolences. It was a mark of just how wide and how genuinely special an impact he had. I’m too young to properly remember Jim’ll Fix It, and yet on the day he died friends of my age were immediately paying tribute to him on Facebook and Twitter – such was the chord that he struck for so many before us, not only for his style or for his eccentricities, but for the beautiful theme at the heart of his life’s work. He fixed it for youngsters far and wide, and even now that he’s gone he’s still fixing it for the LGI and so many more.

Today Sir Jimmy will be buried at a cemetery in Scarborough, set at an angle of 45 degrees, so that he’ll be able to see the sea. Bless you, Sir Jim.

And in Sir Jimmy’s spirit of fixing it, of making the world a better place, The Culture Vulture this morning looks ahead to the incredible showcase that is the Leeds Summat, marching into town on November 26th.

Congratulations too to all the nominees in this year’s Digitally Leeds Awards: Beyond Guardian Leeds is among the projects nominated, and it goes without saying (although much the same was being said on Twitter throughout yesterday by all nominees!) that we are proud and humbled to be part of such august company.

Another of the nominees is Exploring Leeds for her post on Leeds’s owls. However Alex has looked back at where the year has taken her, and picked out the six posts that she is most proud of. In all they make for a very good read!

Mike and Elly are at the University this morning, working with students on their local research projects. So in their absence I am free to give them their due plug! Elly has been all over the show lately, and gives us a midweek update on Write Publish Read at the Digital Festival and much more besides. A solid report from John Baron on said gathering and an open conversation among the comments is well worth a read elsewhere here on BGL.

Elly is with you tomorrow instead of yours truly, so that’s all for now. Have a special day!

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