Leeds today: supperclubs, brothels, housing, bulbs, Dash, photohunt and Conversations.

Morning! Slightly late today; apologies for that. But, we’ll get right on it!

The Abbey Dash was yesterday, and it was foggy. According to the YEP record numbers ran the 10k race, raising money for Age UK and other charities. The Dash is an annual event that is great for beating personal bests as it is nearly flat and very fast, and it is a great excuse to get the running shoes out after another summer of “oh, I’ll go jogging next weekend”.

Also in the YEP today, community groups in Leeds and Wakefield have been awarded funding from West Yorkshire Police Community Funding. The article lists all the groups, and all of them are well-deserving projects that have been funded. Highlights include Cardinal Youth Club’s summer programme, Re’new in Miggy and Belle Isle, and Hall Green Community Association’s Youth Group.

A Bradford MP who spoke about changing the law on brothels – and isn’t there something very 16th century about that word? Surely someone can come up with a new one – has been criticised by a Leeds sex worker charity, because changes could “encourage” young girls to enter the industry. (Speaking without editorial oversight here: given the number of very young girls who are forced into working in the industry anyway, legalising brothels won’t make much difference except as a tax revenue stream; on the other hand, police investigative work to discover who is running and visiting brothels staffed by underage girls should be properly funded, and “clients” should be nailed to the wall by the judiciary.)

On a cheerier note: The Yorkshire Post has been taking a look at Supper Clubs in Yorkshire after visiting one in York. Usual reviews of supper clubs are gushing with praise, and this one is, interestingly, peppered with “middling” and “homely”. It still sounds lovely, though.

Sticking with supper clubs, The Culture Vulture has a review of The Manor, a Leeds supper club that we’ve featured before, by Rachel Jeffcoat. Was it a success? Read on to find out!

The YEP raises concerns about cuts to housing benefit due in January affecting some of the poorest families in our region. Households in privately rented homes could lose £161 per week, and Kirkstall Councillor Bernard Atha (Lab) has described it as a “blitzkrieg” on the poorest members of our society. There is often a huge disparity between “market rate” and what landlords actually charge, and this is going to be a huge problem come January. Efforts are underway to persuade landlords to lower rents, but the picture of a man in a top hat and cape twiddling a moustache is hard to ignore here.

We missed this last week; the Leeds Incinerator plans seem to have taken the concerns of Richmond Hill residents into consideration not one jot, as the plans have gone forwards in exactly the way everybody predicted. The group will be meeting in December to discuss what (if anything) could happen next.

Part two of Chapeltown Conversations takes place this Wednesday at the Ukranian Club in Chapeltown. The event is designed to get individuals as well as groups of people in Chapeltown to talk about what matters most and the opportunities that are available to make things better. These are great ways of meeting other people and getting engaged in the community, and is well worth attending.

South Leeds Life mentions Middleton St Mary’s School having a community bulb planting, and highlights this coming weekend’s Beeston and Holbeck Photohunt, a walk around the area taking photos of interesting things. Remember, no two people have exactly te same idea as to what is “interesting”, so the results of this should be fun!

That’s it for today; Elly will be back tomorrow, with a great story of a North Leeds primary school. As ever, please get in touch if you have anything you’d like to say on these or any other stories. Thanks for reading.

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