Leeds today: cheese, nurses, drama, popup, anthem, dancefloor, crypt, homes, privacy and running.

It’s Wednesday! The midweek point. There’s a lot to get into today’s post, so let’s get to it!

Apparently the Yorkshire Anthem is in danger of dying out. The BBC reports that kids today don’t know the words or tune to ‘On Ilkley Moor Baht ‘at’ and the unofficial anthem to living in Yorkshire could be lost as oral tradition fades away. Especially at this time of year, where it’s vitally important to wrap up warm, kids should be reminded that going out improperly dressed could cause you to be eaten by worms, ducks to eat those worms, and us to eat those ducks.

West Yorkshire Police have launched an initiative aimed at those who are going out clubbing at office parties during the festive season, called Operation Dancefloor. The point is to make people think about where their bags and phones are while they’re enjoying themselves. Bag theft is a huge thing this time of year and opportunistic thieves will be tempted by unsecured valuables.

A nurse at Jimmy’s has been named as The Nursing Times’ Cancer Nurse Leader of the Year, reports the YEP. Ellen Trueman, a sister at the radiotherapy department, has worked for LTHT for 16 years and not only has she set up a private area in the Bexley wing to preserve patient dignity, she volunteered in Jamaica for seven months and developed a skincare toolkit for those having reactions to radiotherapy. Well done, Ellen!

Also in the YEP; two Yorkshire women have set up a website where women can report incidents of inappropriate behaviour on the street including sexist comment and being followed. Hollaback started in 2005 in New York as a way to get stories told, to stop women taking abuse in silence; Emma Romanowicz, of Mytholmroyd, and Louise Westbrooke of Bingley started the West Yorks edition in August and have over 50 incidents reported.

The Leeds Citizen asks when will it be time to drop the obsession with new build? This is a brilliant, well-researched article that points out the fallacy in demolishing homes and rebuilding cheaper, nastier ones on the same site that turn out more expensive anyway. Why can’t empty properties scheduled for being flattened be given to the community? They’re being given away to property developers for practically nothing.

One of the South Leeds Life writers points out the simiarities between Hugh Grant and Beeston; press intrusion. There’s going to be a lot of this in coming days as Leveson gets underway, but there shouldn’t need to be a clear line between freedom of the press and being a dick, and yet it constantly appears one needs to be drawn.

St George’s Crypt, which operates a shelter for the homeless, is launching a £60,000 fundraising appeal to ensure that they can take in everybody they can this winter. The appeal, which has the great tagline “the only person left out in the cold this Christmas should be the Snowman” serves 100 hot meals every day as well as providing 15 beds, and during the Christmas season this rises to 21 beds.

run for all badge Speaking of charity events, BGL is proud to become a supporter of the Jane Tomlinson Run for All programme. The annual 10k race raises thousands of pounds every year for charity and has been a staple of the Leeds running calendar since 2007. There’s a chance BGL will be running in next year’s 10k (maybe not the half marathon), so we’ll be plugging this event on a regular basis – again, this is a great excuse to get fit and do your bit.

Some events, now:

On Wednesday Seacroft Library will be holding the East Leeds Writing Group meeting, from 3:30-5pm. This is a brand new writing group with sessions run by Peter Spafford of East Leeds FM.

On Thursday the Source at Leeds Kirkgate Market is holding North at the Source, a beer-themed evening event for the late-night shopping in the Market. Sounds like fun – and there should be samples…

The York Waits will be playing at the Otley Courthouse on Friday 25th November, 8pm, tickets £10/£8 in advance, £11/£9 on the door. The York Waits revive bands as they were in the 16th century, playing the shawm and sackbut (an early trombone), along with instruments from through the ages, from Tudor times to the present day.

Also on Friday, the Northern Art Prize exhibition opens at Leeds Art Gallery. There are some interesting people on the shortlist for this and it looks like the field is wide open. It never fails to be thought-provoking, although the winner can be controversial (and patronised).

And it’s still all about Friday! The same day, Granary Wharf will be opening up three “pop-up” shops – the now-traditional Out of the Woods Christmas shop along with designer clothing retailer Aqua and Bird’s Yard, selling vintage clothing and accessories. These shops will be open for about a fortnight.

The incredibly popular Homage 2 Fromage have opened up ticket sales to their next event, on Dec 8th. This one is all about blue cheese. Already salivating.

Finally today, a thought-provoking blog post from Jess of Leeds Book Club and the Travelling Suitcase Library: why aren’t you writing award winning drama?

And that’s your lot. Don’t forget to email or tweet us with all your news, and this afternoon we’ll have a guest post from the Compass Festival of Live Art which starts next week. We’ll be back to the regular daily updates tomorrow morning. See you then!

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