Leeds today: Leeds in mourning, osses, Basics, photohunt, Simon, Create, Lego

It’s a sad Monday morning in the city as Leeds mourns a true gent of the beautiful game, Gary Speed. Speed, who took Leeds United to their 1992 Championship win, died on Sunday at home in Cheshire. He wasn’t like the headline-grabbing players of today, who have publicists, media mitigation managers and the need to keep stories out of the paper; he was an ambassador for the sport and had a standard in his life off the pitch that many of today’s players should aspire to.

The Yorkshire Post talks to the stunt horses that were used in the new release of Wuthering Heights; well, the stables, anyway. These seem to be the most unflappable horses in the Dales, and good for them – having a cameraman riding facing backwards can’t be the most comfortable position for anybody involved.

University of Leeds scientist Tim Benton has become the Champion of the Global Food Security programme – an official job, funded by government agencies. Prof Benton looks at farming in a balanced way, saying that GM “is not a silver bullet” but it will probably be part of a global food solution, as well as arguing against organic farming as it doesn’t provide enough yield for the effort involved. This is an interesting appointment and it’s certainly worth reading the article.

A troubled pub in Roundhay has been reopened as The Thomas Osborne , reports the YEP. The former Streets of Leeds was taken over by the York Brewery and named after the first Duke of Leeds, as well as given a refurb and a change of beer. The Streets was the scene of many violent incidents as well as the murder of David Gellen which shocked the city in 2002. We hope that the Osborne will be a success and will shake off its past.

The YEP has an article on the Lego Tourist, a regular sight around Leeds but also around the world as his owner, Leanne Buchan posts him off to see the sights. BGL has met the Lego Tourist and can assure readers he is the perfect gentleman. Worth a read.

Leanne is one of the organisers of the Leeds Digital Festival; this week is the final week! Tonight sees Ben Hammersley in conversation at the Rose Bowl as well as the Northern User Experience at the Round Foundry. There’s a pub crawl coming up, too.

The Yorkshire Post takes another look at Create on King St, the only social enterprise restaurant in Leeds. BGL loves Create for the food as well as the social element and tries to visit whenever the menus change. Today’s review is as good as any of the others that come out about Create – really, this is a restaurant that deserves all the accolades it receives. If you’re thinking about what to do for an office meal out, think about these guys.

Talking about social enterprise, Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire was in Leeds with Charles Allen visiting charities and community groups around the city, including BGL faves Simon on the Streets. The programme is worth watching (no matter what your opinion of Allen might be – we saw some comments on twitter that were less than flattering towards the former ITV chief exec) so we’ll link to the programme on C4’s catch-up service, 4OD. Please note that at time of writing there are 29 days left to watch, so it’ll be gone by Dec 27th.

Did you miss the South Leeds Photohunt on Saturday? Don’t worry, we did too. But South Leeds Life has a list of the words used to inspire Saturday’s trek around Beeston and Holbeck. Looked like fun, too. Also on South Leeds Life is details about the Holbeck Christmas Fayre at the Underground Ballroom.

Leeds club Back to Basics celebrated its 20th birthday last weekend – nostalgia nuts can get a link to a retrospective mix on Hebe Media. You know, it’s nearly impossible to get a pair of white gloves these days.

That’s it for today! Mike is in Liverpool for most of the week so will be missing out on the Digitally Leeds Awards and Wednesday’s blog post may be a little late, but otherwise everything should be as per usual. Elly tomorrow! Don’t forget to tell us your news and stories by email, twitter or stopping us in the street. Ciao.

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