Leeds today: nurseries, locks, Christmas trees, influence, awards.

Morning everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and looking forward to the rest of the week. It’s Elly here with your daily round up of news from Leeds and beyond.

The BBC reports on the potential closure of three Wakefield nurseries due to a lack of government funding, with the council pledging to help all those families who will need to find other nursery places if the closures go ahead.

Also on the BBC, an interesting video about West Yorkshire writer Kay Mellor returning to her home town of Leeds for the filming of her latest project.

A lock on the edge of Leeds City Centre is having its gates replaced, and they’ve been made in Wakefield using skills that have changed very little in over 200 years. Cool! The BBC has more information on this story and I recommend you take a look, because canals are awesome.

Many of you will know about (or be joining) the national strike action tomorrow, and over on Leeds Forum there’s been a HEATED DEBATE started about whether you agree with these actions or not. Have a look.

Headingley Stadium will be hosting two matches in the forthcoming Rugby League World Cup 2013, reports My Life in Leeds.

Rachel Jeffcoat reviews the Northern Art Prize over on Culture Vultures: we’d love to hear your thoughts on the show (while Mike looked at the art at the preview, I just downed some wine. Whoops)

The Guardian Northener blog has a list of the top 50 most influential people in the North, with G*orge Osb*une coming in at number one (hiss) and personal favourite Carol Ann Duffy coming in at number 29. What are you thoughts?

Also on the Guardian Northerner, a report of a ‘walk of faith’ in Liverpool hosted by Merseyside Police that visited (among others) a synagogue, mosque and church.

Finally, Christmas trees delivered by dogs. If that’s not going to cheer you up on a Tuesday, I don’t know what will. Hopefully they’ll have elves riding on their backs (just a thought).

That’s it for me today. It’s Mike with you tomorrow, despite him being away, somewhere, doing something incredibly important, and it’s up to me to attend the Digitally Leeds Awards tomorrow night (hard life, innit). We’ve been nominated for blog of the year and we’re in hallowed company (other nominees include TQS and Culture Vulture) but whoever wins, it’s magic just to be nominated and to be in a city where this sort of stuff can and does happen. Hooray!

Don’t forget to send us your news, views, all that stuff, either by email, tweet, or catch us just as we’re tucking into a sandwich (surprisingly, happens to me quite a lot). Ciao!

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