Leeds today: marmite, fish, NHS, trains, drivers vs cyclists, and running.

Morning! Sorry for the delay, but we’re here now. Tonight sees us in the running for the Digitally Leeds awards – so keep your fingers crossed (and tomorrow’s blog post may be a little late and hungover).

The big news today is of course, the Marmite spill on the M1 (apparently it affected the yeastbound carriageway). Twitter was hot on the case with worse puns than that, and the Guardian was there to mop them up. We sincerely hope that nobody was injured, but this is a godsend to headline writers.

Also on the Guardian is news that Guiseley’s Harry Ramsden’s – the first one – is going to close. The current owners have closed it because it’s making a loss. This sort of thing makes my teeth itch – by the same token all the unprofitable railways in the UK would be closed, hospitals would shut, and the civil service would be dismantled, let alone the military. Anyway, if you want to visit the original Harry’s then get there before Christmas, as it’ll close its doors in January.

Ok, the real news today is the strikes affecting the public services. The BBC has some details about who will be affected in Leeds and West Yorks, including Leeds NHS Trust users, frontline police service users, and people flying into LBA. Schools are also affected with an estimated 90% of schools being closed today across the region. Are you striking? Are you on a picket or sat at home watching daytime TV? Let us know!

Speaking of LNHST, The Register has an interesting story on how IT services in the trust could show how to provide IT across the NHS as a whole. Apparently one part of the Trust has saved £500k over the last three years thanks to standardising purchasing methods – yes, dull, but the savings are immense. Well done, guys.

On the other hand, Bradford district coroner has ruled a suicide in the case of a man with toothache, reports the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. The 67-year-old had toothache, was prescribed antibiotics, but they failed to work and was referred to the Dental hospital; there’s no details of what happened in the article beyond the poor man committing suicide as a result of the pain. This should be a warning to all – get your teeth checked out regularly, kids.

Also in the T&A is news that Apperley Bridge train station is set to go ahead. In theory this will reduce congestion on the roads into Leeds and Bradford, and this can only be a good thing. The plans were under scrutiny by the Treasury, but were greenlit very recently. The station could be operational by February 2014.

Still on trains more details have cropped up about the Leeds-Manchester rail electrification. Whole minutes could be shaved off the journey time between the two cities, which will be eaten up by the queues in coffee shops getting longer.

Arriva buses will be deploying a plain-clothes inspector to keep an eye on drivers who deliberately disrupt cyclists on the region’s roads. A driver on one bus allegedly forced several members of a cycling club off the road, reports the YEP, and given how poorly bus drivers in general treat cyclists this can only be a good thing. As a cyclist myself I’d love to see people keeping an eye on all drivers, and the law upheld…

The Jane Tomlinson Run for Life, which we mentioned last week, is advising people to sign up at a reduced rate before the end of the year. For £20.12 – familiar number, that – runners can gain entry to the race with all that entails.

Finally today, a Leeds mum has been trying to teach her kids how to birdwatch with your eyes closed. Tamsin Constable took part this week in a blog-tour to launch a new book on the topic and seems to have had fun, videoing some of the results.

That’s it for today – Elly will be back doing sterling work tomorrow and we’ll keep you informed with the Digitally Leeds Awards results – who will win blog post of the year, we wonder? Gosh, it’s all a bit tense.

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