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Morning! Another long one today, so let’s get to it!

Once again the fortnightly bin collection zombie raises from the dead (BBC). LCC are considering reducing black bin collection to fortnightly and raising green bin collection to the same frequency (again), all in the name of efficiency. There will be a pilot scheme somewhere in the city. Cynics may place their bets on where that pilot will be in the comments.

The BBC has a great story that’s bound to destigmatise reformed burglars. 64 burglars are due to be released in the run-up to Christmas, so the West Yorks Police have issued a warning to people to be on their guard. The expectation is that these guys are going to reoffend. This is being portrayed as a “remember to keep your home locked up” campaign but it’s creating fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of residents and will be insulting to those who have genuinely reformed.

Do you have any ideas on how to make Leeds the most child-friendly city in the UK? The YEP has details of plans being made by LCC to do just that.

More green spaces, safer places to play, a city centre and shops that are more welcoming for families, better educational outcomes, improved access to jobs and training and giving youngsters more chance to shape the future of their neighbourhoods are among the aims that lie at the heart of the Child Friendly City (CFC) plan.

BGL supports this but is concerned about the 23% of kids who live in poverty in our city, no matter how the government redefines poverty in the coming months. BGL also has concerns about the number who are not in employment, education or training. Green spaces are all well and good, but proper, revolutionary thinking as to how best to utilise our most precious resource should be a central part of this project, not just papering over the cracks.

The appalling story of the woman who was buried alive in woods near Huddersfield is making its way out of the courtroom (everybody is covering it, but we’re going with the Post). The details are enough to make anybody think twice about claustrophobia.

The Yorkshire post reports that Leeds-Bradford Airport will be getting a new, £11m terminal. At the moment LBA can manage less than 300,000 passengers per year; with the new terminal it is hoped this will be upped to over half a million.

Occupy Leeds continues to be well-ordered, polite and bedding down for the winter. The Guardian published (with permission) some extracts from the blog one of the protesters, and gathers a few links together. They need pallets to raise their tents off the ground, vital when it’s so cold and wet, so if you have a couple kicking around then please take them down there.

Homeless charities in Leeds could get a boost from people eating in restaurants, reports the YEP. StreetSmart, a scheme set up whereby diners can add a pound to their bill, which goes to the charities in that area, was started in 2004 and last year Leeds raised £22,000 – more than in any other city other than London – through the scheme. This year every pound raised will be matched by the treasury, so the five charities will benefit even more. If you’re eating at any of Salvo’s, The Olive Tree, Deeva, Create or Harvey Nichols then please remember to just add a quid to your bill. It will make a huge difference.

On Saturday members of East Street Arts will be selling their work at the Patrick St Studios as part of Come Find Us, an open door session for ESA. Could be a great way of getting a tricky christmas present!

Indeed, for tricky presents you could do a lot worse than attend the Holbeck Urban Ballroom’s christmas fayre (also on Saturday). Resident theatre company Slung Low have managed to get their hands on three Doctor Who cast reading scripts which will be auctioned off (with other things) at 3pm on the day. This is certainly worth checking out. 12-4pm, at the HUB.

We’ve been talking about the Miggy Arms a lot recently; Exploring Leeds decided to go out and find the definitive, sourceable history of the pub. It seems that catholic services could well have been held in the “ballroom” (actually a dance room), and there were in deed bowling greens and tennis courts included in the plans. An interesting read.

South Leeds Life continues to publish regular, interesting articles; today we have Eve Tidswell’s report on appearing with Mark Lawson, talking about Holbeck Cemetery on Radio 4 earlier in the year. This was an informative read – BGL had no idea that there was a Friends Of Holbeck Cemetery. Also on SLL is a plea from the Hunslet Club for their Hamper Goods Appeal, as well as details of their Christmas Party season. We’re big fans of the Club here at BGL and hope that their appeal, to give small hampers to elderly residents who wouldn’t normally be able to afford very much at this time of year, raises plenty of support.

Leeds Wellbeing Centre, a charity that offers counselling and complementary therapy for those with mental, physical and emotional health concerns has started a blog. We look forwards to seeing what they write.

Otley Courthouse has an interesting looking piece coming up on Friday; A Christmas Story with BadApple theatre company. Tickets are sold out but there may be returns; the rest of the programme for December is pretty decent too, with film screenings, piano recitals and a craft fair – if you’re up that way, take a look.

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  1. Sean says:

    I am all for alternating black and green bin collections – I always have FAR more green bin stuff than black. I’m surprised I’ve not seen more complaining about the brown bin collections being cancelled for December, January and February…

  2. Joey says:

    I have to agree. My black bin rarely get more than half full, having this collected every week seems just a waste of time and money. My green bin on the other hand gets full rather quickly. This for me is an ideal and logical proposal.

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