Leeds today: sculpture, ale trail, turbo shandy, and job cuts.

Good morning readers! It’s Thursday, which means it’s @ebsnare with you for your daily news round up – and plus only one day to go before the weekend. Parrrrty!

The makers of Turbo Shandy (pleasant) have apologised after one of their student ambassadors encouraged others to attend a blood donation session in Armley in return for tasters bottles of the drink, reports the BBC. GOOD WORK BRAINIAC.

Councillor Wakefield, leader of the LCC, has said that there may be cuts of an extra 600 jobs in an attempt to meet the council’s budget savings of £55 million for the year 2012-2013.

Fans and participants of the real ale trail across the Pennines could soon find that, if they’re too rowdy, they’ll be banned from the rail network. British Transport Police are concerned over the number of disruptive incidents on the ale trail, so if you decide to go (and it is mega, so you should) take some advice and don’t be an idiot: enjoy boozing on the train sensibly. Well, you know what I mean.

On Friday 16th December, Culture Vulture is hosting another Friday Picnic, this time with a Winter Gingerland theme! There’s set to be suitably spicy snacks, Ginger Snap singers/carol singing, and some wind-down, relaxed advice from our cities premier ginger slebs. By this, I mean ginger twitter folk (and me, woo!) Should be great fun and you should all go.

The Guardian reports that Nick Clegg wants to ‘unleash the power’ of eight core UK cities, including Leeds, giving them greater autonomy and regulation over finances, etc:

Saying he wants to unleash the powers of cities, and not just the power of the City of London, the deputy prime minister will offer them greater freedom and autonomy so long as they provide adequate leadership, improve efficiency and are innovative in their approach.

[Bold in edit] Sorry, what? As long as the cities provide ‘adequate leadership’? Great. How about we give them greater powers if they provide excellent, intuitive, compassionate and strong leadership, rather than adequate? Well, Cleggy?

And the Hepworth in Wakefield has bought its first piece of modern sculpture for the Yorkshire-pleasing price of £1000, reports the Guardian Northerner.

(quick edit by MW)
This month’s Politics Cafe falls on the Thursday before Otley’s Victorian Fayre, so the Otley Labour rooms have secured a speaker on the subject of Victorian Otley and the Irish Famine. Chris Power will talk about how the first Irish settlers came to Otley following the evictions in Ireland, what happened to them when they got here, and how Otley and Ireland have remained linked through this shared history. The Politics Cafe is upstairs at the Otley Labour Rooms TONIGHT at 7:30pm (and it’s a freebie).

Right, that’s it for today – have a great Thursday and don’t forget to send us all your news in of interest, whether you tweet, email or shout really loudly. Ciao darlinks!

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