Leeds today: bins, snow, ukeleles and social enterprise.

Morning all! It’s Thursday and it’s nearly the end of the week, so it’s Elly here for your daily news round up. We had a light sprinkling of slushy snow over in my neck of the woods today: what about you?

On the subject of snow, Exploring Leeds wants there to be more snow (I agree) and shows some photos of Horsforth in 2009 at around the same time of year. Frosty!

The BBC reports that Bradford had over 18% of its total city centre retail space vacant in October, and almost 1 in 5 of its stores are now vacant – meaning that it’s top of the list for struggling town centres in Yorkshire. With Mary Portas’ ‘independent’ (lolz – Ed.) report surfacing recently on the state of the British High Street, it is interesting to reflect on the current state of our own local high street and town centres, and to think about ways in which we can help or revitalise them (without Ms Portas having to get involved).

Also on the BBC, Leeds City Council has approved fortnightly black bin collections in a bid to increase recycling. BREAKING BIN NEWS.

The Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust, based in Huddersfield, has pledged to raise funds for research into a specific form of cancer that currently affects young adults and teenagers at a significant level due to a lack of understanding of the disease in this age group.

South Leeds Life has a great taster article by guest blogger Vikki Blake about her life in Cottingley, in the run up to a feature on Cottingley in the next issue of the South Leeds Life magazine.

The National Media Museum’s director will be stepping down in April and the role from then on will come under more control from centralised London services in what the Guardian Northerner blog calls “an unhappy day for regional power and influence”.

Yesterday, St George’s Crypt saw the launch of a new £200,000 social enterprise scheme with funding coming from the coffers of Leeds Community Foundation and is designed for capital-only grants for Leeds-based social enterprises.

And for one of those lovely warming Christmas stories, a primary school in Leeds has an innovative take on the Christmas concert with a ukelele and junk band. Kids with ukeleles, right – cool.

Ok have a luvverly weekend and hopefully see some of you at the Ginger Winterland tomorrow! Ciao!

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  1. Andy says:

    Smattering of snow in Rawdon, good news on bins, bad news on museum – all in the name of cost cutting.

    On a slightly different thread – Any news on Leeds trolleybus decision yet?

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