Leeds today: alligator, folk tribute, teachers, Haworth and BIG SOCIETY.

Good morning one and all and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! It’s Elly here for Thursday’s round up of news and goings on around Leeds and West Yorkshire.

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the interview with Mike over on My Life in Leeds – eloquent and amusing as always!

Red Ladder Theatre Company are looking for volunteers to get involved with pre-show street theatre as part of their show BIG SOCIETY! A MUSIC HALL COMEDY from the 18th January to the 4th February – more information over on The Culture Vulture.

There’s a post over on the Guardian Northerner blog about the tradition – and legal ramifications – of collecting rare birds’ eggs, which is apparently quite a northern-focused tradition. Plus it’s just quite nice to read about people gallivanting about on cliffs for eggs on a blustery Thursday morning.

Also on the Northerner blog, the story of a Stockport pet shop that has had a number of reptiles and exotic animals stolen, including an alligator, anaconda, carpet pythons and two tortoises. The alligator was described as ‘aggressive’ but it was probably just having a bad day and acting a little bit snappy (zing). Feel free to add more reptile/theft puns in the comments.

A seven year old girl has taken the bull by the horns and sent her CV to the head of Action For Children in her quest for the perfect job, as reported on the Yorkshire Evening Post. Very enterprising and also sort of cute, although there is a concern that a seven year old knows what the bloody hell a CV is. When I was seven, I don’t think I could even spell CV (zing).

The TDA has released figures showing that Yorkshire and Humber will receive more than 3000 NQTs in the coming year, with roughly equal numbers graduating in primary and secondary education. With so many teachers graduating, it will be interesting to see a) the number of jobs filled (or lost) and b) the actions of the teachers’ unions as their membership changes.

Bradford Council and English Heritage are offering grants to help businesses in the historic town of Haworth make the area more ‘authentic’ for visitors, reports the BBC. This might include historically accurate building details – like sash windows – or bigger projects.

The strong winds are affecting homes all over Yorkshire, and in Steeton hundreds of homes have now had their gas supply restored after a maintenance hut was damaged on Tuesday. Welfare provisions have been set up at Keighley Leisure Centre with a free shuttle bus service from Steeton available.

And finally, a Bradford folk singer has written a musical tribute to Harry Ramsden’s after the closure of its Guiseley restaurant in November 2011.

That’s it for today kids, have a great day and hope 2012 is off to a good start!

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