Leeds today: orchestra, art, the rules, brewing, public notices, fares, Whitelocks & the Green pound.

What is new in Leeds & Yorkshire today? Well…

Whitelocks, beloved of many and a fixture on the Leeds pub scene since 1715, could be under new ownership quite soon, reports the YEP. The leasehold, which has been moved around various owners causing regulars to be quite rightly concerned about the pub, has been on sale for over a year but is now in “advanced negotiations”. Prospective owners “are fully aware of the iconic nature of Whitelocks as well as the strong feelings of the loyal band of followers it has built up over the years”.

Also in the YEP today; a vicar in Hunslet suffers his third break-in in three years. Fr Alex Lane of St Mary’s in Hunslet had items of sentimental value taken on Thursday and is now leaving the parish to take up a post elsewhere.

And while we’re on Hunslet (and sticking with the YEP), a group of people with loved ones in Hunslet Cemetery have set up a group campaigning for better security at the grounds. Friends of Hunslet Cemetery have successfully lobbied LCC to provide improved fencing at the cemetery after a spate of petty theft and vandalism.

The Leeds Citizen has unravelled an interesting piece of spend by LCC, by the way: £250,000 on public notice advertising in the local press. The question is: does anybody read them? Do you carefully read the public notices in the YEP telling you of proposed works or changes to bus routes? If you do, please let us know! I can tell you that the notices we published on changes to bin schedules were some of the most clicked links over the two weeks we were closed; perhaps a slightly more considered approach might be necessary by lawmakers who are aware of the digital age.

The rail fares hike has hit commuters in some parts of West Yorkshire to the tune of 11%, says the Mirfield Reporter. The “average” fare rise in the region by Northern Rail is supposed to be 8%, a result of a legacy agreement with Metro, despite George Osborne capping fare rises to inflation plus 1% last January.

In today’s Yorkshire Post is the great tale of Wold Top Farm near Driffield, who not only grow their own barley but has their own water supply – the perfect partnership for brewing. The farm has been brewing its own since 2003. BGL would be interested to hear from Leeds drinkers who have seen the beer in their local – purely in the interests of science, you understand.

Former UK Ambassador to Poland, Charles Crawford, tried to shelter from the (really quite appalling) weather at Leeds Crown Court last week, five minutes before they were due to open. His tale of officialdom and use of “the Rules” is a great vignette explaining why we will never have exceptional public services.

Saying that, we could have great green cities; the Post has news of a report being published today in Leeds

outlining in forensic detail how the Leeds city region – which incorporates the whole of West Yorkshire as well as York, Barnsley, Harrogate and Craven – can take advantage of the global drive towards a low carbon economy

LCC Chief Exec Tom Riordan has been vocal in his support of this report and what it can mean; job creation, home improvement schemes, fuel efficiency and, erm, improved park and ride projects. The article is worth reading; I hope the report is too.

The Lancaster Guardian has the fantastic news that the Leeds Symphony Orchestra has had its stolen percussion section returned. The instruments were in a van stolen from Yeadon on Dec 2nd, and the conductor was notified that the instruments had been “dumped” (actually, carefully deposited) in a yard in Morcambe.

Cafe 164 has a new exhibition on, opening today: Wall Art Rockers, who create incredible works of bright, almost futurist-looking city scenes on acrylic, will be on display until later in the month. The next door neighbour, Leeds Gallery also has a new exhibition on, of Yorkshire artists including David Cook and Helen Peyton.

Finally today, PSL on Whitehall Lane will be opening up its door to Glamourie, an exhibition of a “more-or-less affiliated group of too-little-known contemporary British artists” on Saturday. Could be interesting.

As ever, if you have a story then please get in touch! And if you think you could help in other ways, we have a “How you can help” page which will be updated regularly as we come up with more ideas on how people could get involved.

Elly will be with you tomorrow; thanks for reading!

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  1. Leigh Linley says:

    Morning! Wold Top’s Beers don’t seem to hit Leeds that often in cask, which is a little odd. Your best bet will be The Victoria Hotel (behind the town hall), The Scarbrough Taps – both Nicholson’s Pubs – and maybe Veritas. Bottled, their beers can be found occasionally at Asda but always at Booth’s in Ilkley, which has a great range of Northern Beers. Their Gluten-Free ‘Against the Grain’ is probably the best Gluten-free beer on the market today. Its’ really very, very good.

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