Leeds today: theatre, parks, carers, travel awards, the police, & swimming.

Hello hello! Due to unforseen circs Elly is unable to do today’s post so you’re getting Mike again. I’ll try to replicate Elly’s pithy style, though.

If you’re getting into the Olympic spirit, you might be interested in Rebecca Adlington getting involved in the Big Splash, a “get people swimming” initiative that is taking place across the country (T&A). The Richard Dunn in Bradford, the John Charles in Leeds and many other pools in the region are involved.

How do you prove your car hasn’t had a respray? A driver from Leeds has had his number plate cloned and this has attracted parking fines from all over the country (BBC). BGL once collected a parking ticket in Waltham Forest under similar circumstances, but thankfully could prove they were elsewhere. It’s a growing problem and an admin headache, given the number of police authorities that are involved.

Also on the BBC; West Yorkshire Police have warned against abusing the 999 system after a spate of nuisance calls over the holiday period.

Other spurious calls to West Yorkshire Police included people asking for the time, singing to operators or playing music down the line.

The police are advising people use 101 for non-emergency calls. North Leeds blog Holt Park Today has details on how WYP have launched a month-long consultation on how the public wants to contact the service. The survey is open until Feb 8th, details on how to access it are on Holt Park Today.

Holmfirth residents are divided by a Tesco planning application for a store just outside their town (BBC). Out-of-town shopping destroys high streets, this is well knows, and many people who choose to live in Holmfirth have chosen to follow that way of life.

The YEP has reported on the application that has been put in by Friends of Bramley Baths to secure the future of the West Leeds swimming pool. Fingers crossed that it is successful!

Also in the YEP is an appeal by Garforth Musical Society for a youngster who can play the role of Annie in a production to be held at the Miner’s Welfare Hall in Garforth, as well as a pianist.

In the Guardian Northerner is news of Welcome to Yorkshire winning the “Best Marketing” gong at the World Travel Awards, the closest thing to the Oscars of the travel industry. However, the Northerner also looks at the other end of the scale; in troubled times of cutbacks and the like a new chair of the Royal Armouries has been appointed – a former investment banker. Hm.

BGL friends The Hunslet Club have been examined by the YEP to find out what goes on there. The video and accompanying story is very interesting.

Leeds Grub reviews Tasty!, a sandwich shop in Headingley. Is it any good? Do you have an opinion on it? Let us know!

Healthy living group Touchstone are starting a new Positive Care programme at the end of February. The one-day-a-week, 20 week course is designed for those with long-term health conditions or unpaid carers. The course intends to empower people to live more positively with their condition. The website has more information on how to apply and where it is being held.

South Leeds Life has details of a similar event; the South Leeds Carers Event at Trinity in Belle Isle, Jan 18th, will provide help and advice for carers. Also on SLL is news that Friends of Cross Flatts Park are 11 years old! The Friends look after the park and do a great job of making sure events held there are safe, as well as helping keep the park in good order.

Finally today; East Street Arts has details of Jo’s War, a piece of theatre on at the Carriageworks on Jan 27-28. The contemporary play looks at the life of the wife of a marine deployed to Afghanistan. Written by the wife of a serving marine, this play lifts the lid on the impact of deployment for an unseen army of women in 2012.

That’s it for today! I think I failed in keeping Elly’s pithy style, though. Mark will bring you Friday’s news & events, and I’ll be back on Monday with exciting news on how you can take part in an online event that promotes Leeds. Cheerio!

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