Leeds today: Bettakultcha, train stations, beanstalk and northern independence?

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday which means er, it’s bloody freezing.

Tonight it’s Bettakultcha at the Brudenell, including a clothes swap to help you get rid of all those rubbishy clothing Christmas presents. For more information, check out the blog – I will be there, co-ordinating the swap, so if you need any help or want to give me any unwanted sequinned/velvet/lace/80s items, you’re more than welcome.

Communities interested in running three Wakefield nurseries that look set to close now have an extended deadline – until the end of February – to submit proposals, reports the BBC News.

Also on the BBC, Wakefield Kirkgate station, listed as one of the worst stations in Britain, is set to receive a funding boost to help bring the stop up to scratch. Aside from the general rundownness of the station, the artist in me likes the dilapidated walls and broken architecture – if there was a way to preserve that, without it being a HEALTHANDSAFETYNIGHTMARE, that would be awesome.

South Leeds Life has a short story on their continuing relationship with the YEP, and the coverage that the newspaper has on the area. It’s great to see the YEP investigating hyper-local news on a greater scale and, as hyper-local is part of the BGL remit too, it would be great to talk to them about the continued future of local news reporting in and around Leeds. Yo, give us a call innit.

Culture Vultures has a great review of Jack and the Beanstalk at the WYPH from Billy and Arthur Patch – aged 7 and 10 (as well as some help from @lizipatch).

The Guardian Northerner blog reports on the establishment of a new think tank to ‘promote devolved government for the north of England’, the same week of the 119th anniversary of the founding of the Independent Labour Party in Bradford.

Right, that’s it for today: keep safe on the ice and have a wonderful Tuesday. Ciao darlings!

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