Leeds today: art, MP, eco, FRIDAY!

Hello all – little switcheroo today and sorry we’re a little late: I was stuck on a train. Elly here and it’s ONLY BLOODY FRIDAY!

An A&E department in Pontefract is looking to Army medics to provide cover for its current overnight hours (where it is closed) – reported on the BBC.

Diana Wallis, Lib Dem MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, has been roundly criticised for announcing her resignation – and the replacement of her husband into her old position, without a vote. Because yeah, husbands and wives HAVE THE SAME BRAIN and therefore occupy exactly the same position in space, time, and politics.

Eco-housing project The Greenhouse, in Leeds, has been praised by Energy and Climate Secretary Chris Huhne, who described it as an ‘excellent project’.

Book Elf is kicking off over on Leeds Book Club and asking why haven’t papers directed us towards our local libraries in a time of online wiki blackouts?

South Leeds life reports on a local community group, the Friends of Skelton Grange, who are organising a series of training and volunteer days to create a new nature trail in the area, starting next Friday.

The Guardian Northerner blog reports on the winner of the Northern Art Prize, Leo Fitzmaurice, whose work feature the construction of a continuous horizon built from paintings housed in the Leeds Art Gallery archive. We’d love to hear your thoughts about who you wanted to win, and if you went to the ceremony last night – drop us a line!

And that’s it from me: short and sweet today (c’est moi, non?) Anyway, have a bonza weekend, let your hair down, party, and I hope you all have a big roast dinner on Sunday too. Ciao!

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  1. Andy says:

    Not sure what the problem is with the MEP, the next person on the Lib Dem list was selected as per the rules, it wasn’t just given to him because he was her husband.

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