Leeds today: Moz, Rocky, Rebecca, Odsal, Oates, and Burns.

Goooooood morning Leeds! Elly here for your Thursday round up of news across the Leeds and West Yorkshire area. Hope everyone is revving up for the weekend – should be a good one!

East Street Arts has a call for submissions (ending tomorrow) for a 24 hour art piece focusing on themes of social inclusion and exclusion – more information on their website.

Leeds Book Club has a lovely post on Robert Burns, including two poems of his – did anyone tuck into any haggis last night?

On Saturday 11th Feburary, why not attend an anti-Valentine’s night of delightfully melancholy tunes courtesy of Mozfest, a Morrissey/Smiths tribute night? More information (and a lolz-tastic interview by @wandapops) over on The Culture Vulture.

And if you fancy your culture dressed up and singing about transvestites, Hyde Park Picture House is showing Rocky Horror this Saturday 28th January at 11pm – see you there (I’m going as Columbia, possibly):

Shang Ting from HebeMedia has an awesome trend round up of Harajuku men’s fashion – fantastic Thursday morning reading (short shorts, anyone?).

And now for some news that doesn’t involve music, film, sequins or shorts.

A man who falsely claimed a bomb had been planted in a school in Birmingham has been warned that he may face a prison sentence after the primary school in Aston was evacuated last November.

Rebecca Still, a 13 year old girl from Otley, is campaigning for stricter drink driving laws and penalties through an e-petition after her brother, Jamie (16) was hit and killed on New Year’s Eve 2010 by a driver nearly twice over the legal limit.

South Leeds Life reports on the Friends of Hunslet Cemetery’s continued campaign to provide adequate security measures for the cemetery grounds – including their latest success!

The BBC has a great report on the Bradford Bulls’ Odsal Stadium – I’ve never visited this stadium but sounds fantastic: “the pitch is housed at the bottom of a huge bowl and at the entrance level spectators can look down from the rim on to the roof of the stand.” Cool!

A euthanasia campaigner in Bradford, Debbie Purdy, has been outraged by the advice of benefits officials who told her she would be better off financially if her musician husband gave up work – not once, but five times. More information on the Yorkshire Evening Post.

A Leeds naval officer is following in the footsteps of Scott and Oates (not Hall and Oates, although that would be a great crossover) and taking part in an expedition to explore the Antarctic and the effects of climate change.

Finally, local radio might be saved…report on the Guardian Northerner blog (particularly like the captions).

That’s it for today – hope you have a wonderful day and don’t forget to let us know your news and views on what’s happening in your area. Ciao!

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