Leeds today: taxis, blues, the 70s, canals, MEPs and beds.

Morning! Monday again – we all hope you had a decent weekend. It’ll be a very quick update today.

The Silentnight factory in Batley is, alas, to close. The loss of 200 jobs in the region is a cruel blow, and the factory will be vacated by the end of April. We wish affected families a speedy resolution.

Diana Wallis’ husband will not now take over her MEP seat, it’s been reported. Stewart Arnold was entitled to take the position but after carping in and by the media he’s decided to spend time taking care of his wife instead (who has a chronic illness, one reason she’s stepping down). The fact that the third-ranked candidate is “considering” the offer does make it feel as if MEP positions are a sinecure, however.

Friday saw the surprising sight of taxis blockading the airport over a row between drivers and management. Apparently 11 drivers were sacked and a holding area closed, but tensions over commission rates are also part of the action.

(YEP) Sticking with taxis for the moment, though: a group of friends, including one from Boston Spa, are on track to:

break four records including the longest ever journey by taxi, the first cab to circumnavigate the globe and earning the highest fare, which will be an estimated £80,000 by the time the cab arrives at Portsmouth docks in May

The taxi ride is for charity (good!) and set off from London last year.

The Ice Cube – much reduced in size than in previous years – is back in Millennium Square. New to the rink is the Snow Slide, which looks like scary fun (if Cllr Ogilve’s face is to be believed in the accompanying photo on the YEP website).

Bingley Five Rise was drained over the weekend and thousands of people turned out to see what they looked like from the inside. A twice-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as the works only happens every 25 years.

The Leeds City Museum has opened up an exhibit for nostalgia nuts. Did you grow up in the 70s? Then the Silver 70’s Exhbition could be right up your street. (Mike often maintains that one of the nicer things about time moving forwards is that we’re getting further away from the 70s with every passing second.)

The Sabotage Times has an interview with Leeds College of Music alumnus Chantel McGregor. There’s some video at the end of the interview and it’s well worth watching. This girl has some serious blues going on.

Saturday sees the return of foodie event Cornucopia in the Corn Exchange. Previous events have been well worth attending and this one promises to be no different.

And that’s that for today. As always, if you have anything you’d like us to mention then please get in touch (we read everything you send, although we’re poor at replying! Please don’t be put off!) via email or twitter. Thanks for reading, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Emma says:

    Do you know how much the rink size has been reduced by compared to previous years? Your link says there is ‘over 500 sq m’ of ice but on other websites I’ve seen over 1200. This is bad news if the size has more than halved as it was busy enough last year!

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