Leeds today: gosh, apparently it snowed. Plus some other stuff.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there was only one piece of news today: it snowed. Very little else happened over the weekend, apparently, and there doesn’t seem to be many events happening this week either. Today will be a short read.

Some of the photos in this BBC article about the weather are pretty stunning, though. The snow started hitting Leeds city centre at about 1:30pm on Saturday and carried on in one form or another until late at night. Last night temperatures were expected to get as low as -8 in the vale of York and although it didn’t get that cold here do be careful as all the remaining snow will be icy and slippery underfoot for the next couple of days.

Final word on the show: The Guardian’s Martin Wainwright shows us a potential entry for the Northern Art Prize next year entitled Snow in London.

A gas explosion in Keighley has injured two people and a further ten homes have been evacuated. The explosion happened on Saturday night. Also, firefighters are battling a tire fire in Baildon that started last night. An investigation into how the fire started is underway.

A group of Northern MPs are trying their luck at getting Westminster to hold a referendum on us getting a Northern Assembly, says the Guardian. The focus this time is on job losses being disproportionate, and there is an excellent point being made. Barry Sheerman, MP for Hudds, says:

The north has a much larger population than Scotland, and look at London, which has an assembly and a powerful mayor to protect its interests. With the scrapping of the regional development agencies, we don’t have a body to deal with strategic problems and issues for the north.

We’re a bigger country than Scotland and yet there is nothing to represent our interests to government (other than MPs, who are mostly careerists who do what their party tells them to do).

The YEP reports on the big ASDA in Middleton that was originally expected to open last November, finally clearing away the last hurdle, that of relocating a business that was on the site ASDA wanted. This will bring a number of jobs to local people in an area hard-hit by unemployment, but not until 2013 at the earliest.

St Lukes in Beeston Hill celebrated being open for 140 years on Sunday. The report on South Leeds Life says that a service was attended by councillors, residents and the Bisop of Ripon, as well as clergy who had served there over the years.

Have you ever wondered how best to quantify a pub that does sunday roasts? Rachel Jeffcoat comes up with a revolutionary (and very comprehensive) scoring system over on Culture Vultures.

Finally today, a review of the Cornucopia event at the Corn Exchange last Saturday. Cornucopia is rapidly becoming an interesting place to find indie food producers other than the farmer’s market, and we look forwards to the next one.

And that’s that for today. Be careful out there, and wrap up warm. Don’t forget your gloves.

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