Leeds today: bars, lollipops, fairs, parties, cakes, roadworks and bloody swearing.

Morning! Feels chilly today. Let’s get to it!

An interesting article on the costs of interpreters in Yorkshire hospitals by the BBC this morning. Unsurprisingly Leeds has the highest bill, but this is money well spent; if people don’t understand then they could require further consultations just to explain things and this is even more expensive than employing interpreters.

Don’t know how prepared we are for this one: parts of the Headrow are to be closed for roadworks lasting two weeks, says LCC. The westbound side will be closed for repairs, with a contraflow and diversion in place. The roadworks start next Monday and please, be prepared for them; this is exactly the sort of thing that causes chaos until people get used to it, so allow plenty of extra time commuting from next week.

Leeds author Mick McCann points out that the use of ripe language is a Leeds tradition in the Guardian, referencing Keith Waterhouse, Lady Chatterly and the Oz trial, all with Leeds connections.

The YEP is in Middleton and Belle Isle this week. BGL is loving this approach, by the way; embedding a reporter in a community for a time to see what stories come out of it. For example: the rise and rise of an artisan cake baker. A Belle Isle resident has set up their own cake baking and decorating business and is doing pretty well at it, and well done them. There’s a piece on how Belle Isle came to be, too; a surprisingly poignant article.

Thinking about hosting a jubilee street party? LCC would like you to get your applications for closure in fast but they will also waive the fee. There’s some guidelines about what LCC would like people hosting street parties to think about, too.

The Valentine’s Fair is coming back this weekend; LCC has some details on the fair and its history, as this will be the 21st appearance of the fair itself. To celebrate there will be a fireworks display next Thursday (16th) at the fairground.

The YEP has a story on how there is a shortage of lollipop ladies, especially in Potternewton, Shadwell, Calverley and Oakwood, and a Rawdon head teacher has been searching for someone to help little ones across the A65 for over a year.

Does Headingley need another bar? A cafe has been given an alcohol license despite making assurances that it wouldn’t seek one, says the Post. However, this could be a tipping point thing; if Cllrs and local residents are concerned that Studentville is becoming saturated by ginjoints and redeyes then maybe there will be more conditions imposed. This could be a wait and see moment.

And that’s that for today. As always if you have any views or followups to these stories, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch (see “contact”, above). Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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