Leeds today: plaques, Tetleys, French, e-crime and James Martin.

Morning everyone! Elly here with today’s BGL – but first, a very important note left by Mike:

Five bronze plaques designed by pupils of Ingram Road School that were situated on the Viewing Platform in Holbeck Cemetery were stolen recently. The plaques were one-off designs paid for through the Friends of Holbeck Cemetery, and they would really like them back; anybody who may have seen “workmen” around the plaques are asked to get in touch with Holbeck Police, or with the Friends. We’d be delighted to pass on any messages if anybody has any information.

And now, onto your regular round up of news and all that jazz for this freezing Thursday morning.

If Valentine’s Day makes you sick to your stomach, why not let it all out (metaphorically and literally) by attending the Valentine’s Day Fair hosted by LCC at the Elland Road Car Parks? Lots of ‘big rides’ (which I hate) and probably some waltzers as well. I hope there’s a House of Love, which would essentially be the same as a House of Horrors apart from pink and red. Coo, deep.

Love wind instruments and France? Lucky for you there’s something coming up that will combine both, plus wine and cheese, in a magical French-themed evening hosted by the Yorkshire Wind Orchestra. Le Concert des Vents, on Saturday 24th March at 7pm, will have French produce to sample and play French-themed classical music. Ooh la la!

Leeds Civic Trust has accused Carlsberg, who have taken over the old Tetley Brewery site, of ‘land banking’ and holding up works on the area – reported on the BBC.

Also on the BBC: Yorkshire and Humber is one of three areas that will receive a dedicated cybercrime unit costing around £6million in order to help prevent e-crime and work on clamping down on this type of crime in the future.

The Yorkshire Evening Post has an interesting article on the continuing storrrry (Muppets, anyone?) of the Robin Hood airport tweet fiasco, and the argument that the law may have been ‘a steam roller [trying] to crack a very small nut’. Well, duh.

James Martin, he of decidedly not rolling up his sleeves when cooking on Saturday Kitchen fame, will be taking employment as executive chef at the new Talbot Hotel during its refurbishment and coming back (sort of) to his North Yorkshire roots, reports the Guardian Northerner blog.

That’s it for today kids – have a lovely day and hope you’re all looking forward to the weekend (woop woop). Ciao!

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