Leeds today: we’re late and we’re SORRY, alright?!

Hello everyone! Firstly, apologies for the delay on today’s BGL: I was terribly hungover as it was my birthday yesterday and have only just managed to cobble my brain together.

A case has been reopened concerning the disappearance of a man who went missing five years ago on Valentine’s Day, reports the BBC.

In a bid to make Leeds and Bradford super connected, the two city councils have joined forces to try and make services faster by bidding for government funding.

There’s some fantastic images of No Redemption, a series of photos documenting the 84-85 miners’ strike, over on the BBC.

Shang Ting has another instalment of the top trends in Tokyo of last year – a must read for fashion bloggers!

Cookridge Fire Station firefighters have helped raise money for a young girl who is working to raise £45,000 for an operation to help her walk again, reports Holt Park Today.

Looking for something to do this month? Kay Brown has a rundown of cool stuff wot is happening over on the Culture Vulture.

The debate over Kirkgate Market rumbles on – here’s the latest news from the Guardian Northerner blog.

And finally, information on the ‘Reading the Riots’ community conversations that will be happening in the north of England, again on the Guardian.

Righty ho, have a wonderful rest of the day. Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are and whoever you with, and be sure to spread a little happiness today and every day by sharing the love. Sorry, I think I appear to be drunk still…ciao darlings!

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