Leeds today: blogs, basics, bradford, locks, literature, jury and milage claims.

Hello Leeds (and other places)! It has been a brisk weekend – over too quickly – but it should start getting milder again today or tomorrow. Let’s get on with the news.

Do you have Euro-style locks in your nice new double-glazed doors? The ones with easily swappable barrels? According to the BBC and West Yorkshire Police they’re pretty rubbish, being susceptible to “lock snapping” (although the article doesn’t explain what that is). There’s a programme about it on BBC1 at 7:30 tonight. In the meantime, you may want to contact your local crime prevention officer. There is a problem with this, though; many people will worry unnecessarily after watching the programme, and potential burglars will discover a new technique of getting into houses. It’s important people know about risks, but perhaps there should be a better way of disseminating the information.

Pretty much everybody knows that jury duty is compulsory unless you have a good reason for deferral, right? Apparently not, as one juror – who had been sitting in the same trial at Leeds Crown Court for two weeks – said she was “too bored” to continue (YEP). So she was arrested.

When claiming milage allowances BGL has been allowed 38p/mile, which barely covers petrol costs these days (so we take the train). So it was a bit of a shock to discover some LCC personnel can claim up to 65p/mile (YEP) which all adds to the £25m bill for milage across Yorkshire’s local authorities. Proposals are on the table to cap it at 45p, which could save LCC £500,000.

The Guardian takes a look at the fountains and mirror pool in Bradford that’s apparently called “City Park” (although it’ll never be called that outside of official documents). It does sound quite nifty, although whether the £24m pricetag brings the projected £80m-worth of business to the area remains to be seen.

Back in the YEP, two stories on Headingley. Leeds Music Hub has very nearly opened on Wood Lane; the organisers are putting in classrooms, practice space,
a cafe and art gallery and hope to attract people and bands of all ages and abilities to their space. Good for them.

Also, the previews for Headingley LitFest have started to get out there. Ian McMillan will be in attendance, alongside Richard Brown’s look at literary languages (like Elvish and Newspeak). More details on the LitFest website.

Local author Mick McCann will be at Litfest (of course!), but he’s also got a piece in Pulp Pusher about his publishing company, Armley Press. Mick’s work is also in Test Space Leeds’ popup shop in the Corn Exchange until the end of the week, alongside other Leeds artists. If there’s a copy of Jon Eland’s Leeds Home Tourist in there, or the Bettakultcha book then you may spot familiar names & faces.

Next week is Journalism Week at Leeds Trinity. The programme of events is available (it’s a PDF, though). Looks interesting, especially if you’re thinking of following a career in newsgathering and presenting. Jon Snow is giving a lecture, along with Harry Gration and Mark Easton.

If you came to Leeds to go to University in the ’90s then you have probably at least heard of club night Back to Basics. The organisers were also the designers of the posters, flyers, tickets and pretty much everything that went into the club’s promotion. These guys have an exhibition on at Leeds Gallery at the moment of their best flyers and posters, and it’s well worth taking a look. Culture Vultures were there for the opening (and BGL also had a quick look around too).

Secret Tea Room organiser Lynn Hill has had an odd couple of weeks. Read all about them here. And… well, watch the One Show on Friday. You may spot a few familiar faces.

Finally today, we have to applaud My Life in Leeds‘ Darren Cronian, because he put together a list of all the Leeds blogs he could find on Pinterest. Have a look through them and see who you are reading, and who you should be!

That’s it for today. As always, if you have anything you’d like to tell us or would like us to investigate, then please let us know. Thanks for reading, and Elly will be with you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy says:

    Lock snapping is when a burglar sticks a screwdriver in your lock, wrenches it sideways which then snaps the barrel in the middle, and he/she then simply pushes the lock out and opens the door.

    Had mine changed for a new one (still snaps but cannot be pushed out and the door remains firmly locked) and its a moderately inexpensive change that costs about 65 quid from your local locksmith for anyone who is worried.

    Burglar alarms also important according to a program I watched a while back that had an ex-burglar on it advising on what put him off going into houses.

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