Leeds today: future, music, journalism, TEDx, and what’s next?

Hi everyone! It’s Elly here today with your news roundup.

Apologies for the lack of a post yesterday, but dear Mike isn’t very well and the rest of us are mega busy. However, it does mean that we can legitimately put a call out for more writers – we really need a bigger team of writers who are able to do a daily round up for BGL. It takes between 30 and 45 minutes in the morning, it’s pretty much free rein, and you can be part of an amazing project. So EMAIL US or TWEET US or TACKLE US IN THE STREET.

On to today’s news, with also a smattering of some awesomesauce things to keep you occupied.

South Leeds Life has beaten us to the roundup with a handy, er, roundup of today’s goings on. Read it and make my life easier.

Just like trainlines get their cable and metals nicked, so to do Yorkshire Water, with their metal manholes. The BBC reports that they’re looking at developing a fibreglass manhole cover to deter this theft.

Good news for public transport users as technology is implanted into buses to help lights turn green as they approach. It’s the future people!

Calling all artists and musicians: want to have fun and also celebrate Summer (well duh)? Leeds Forum has a note on the Summer Saturnalia festival, as well as details on how to apply.

Nicola Chapman investigates the amaze Leeds Playlist over on Culture Vultures, a super-groovy project that you should all get involved with.

Tomorrow is TEDxLeeds at the Corn Exchange, which will play host to some amazing speakers and activities all on the subject of cold, hard, cash (and also alternative monetary sources!) Find out more detail on their website.

This week is Leeds Trinity Journalism Week and the one and only Jon ‘Jolly Socks’ Snow was there yesterday to kick off the proceedings. Looks like a great event and I would recommend attending!

Finally, on the day that it was discovered/announced that Leeds Guide was going into administration, Jon Eland has issued a challenge over on We Publish: what are we going to do to fill that gap?

Right, that’s it for today – make sure you give Mike (@nalsa) some get well soon wishes and have a fabulous Tuesday. Ciao!

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