Leeds today: the Guide, rhubarb, developments, another incinerator, and party cash

Morning! Mike here, in a slightly fitter state. Awfully sorry about Monday, but Elly did sterling work yesterday, I’m sure you’ll agree.

There’s been some really bad news for Leeds this week as The Leeds Guide has ceased trading before going into administration. To everybody who lived in Leeds the Guide was a great source of information as to what was going on, what was coming up, who was whom and how it all came together. It’s a crying shame that it has folded (and a bit of a surprise to us), and we’ll sorely miss it. Best wishes to all the staff and writers.

(Quick edit to add: The Guardian Northerner’s John Baron has written these words about the closure.)

In other closing news, the Well is also packing up its drumkit. Is the bar remaining upen? Some are saying this is all about brewery politics. All the people who have bought gig tickets for later in the year at the Well should keep an eye on their website for details as to where the gig will be held instead.

Horsforth Gala will happen this year, but maybe not in 12 months time, reports the YEP. LCC wanted £400 from the gala organisers to close roads in the area but the bill was settled by a local councillor instead. This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened; in 2008 West Yorks Police wanted £2k for rolling roadblocks.

The Guardian managed to stir up some controversy over the Rhubarb festival last weekend. The writer, who did a runner from Wakey as soon as they were able and has no idea what sort of vibrant place the city is becoming, disliked rhubarb and tried to explode some myths about it, ending with a blatant “what else could there possibly be in Wakefield” line. Oh, dear. Twitter, predictably, exploded.

We’ll have our own piece about the festival posted at about 2pm.

South Leeds Life has some more information on the olympic flame run protest on April 1st. The protest, which highlights the closure of South Leeds Sports Centre, will follow part of the Olympic route and is after people to cheer, walk or run with the “torch”.

Also on South Leeds Life is news that an incinerator for commercial waste is on the cards for the old Skelton Grange power station site. Given how controversial other incinerator plans have been it’s no surprise that a number of objections have been raised already.

Over on the Leeds Citizen is an interesting report on bus lane cameras being rolled out across the city. The cameras, which are there to catch motorists illegally using bus lanes, have reduced the number of those motorists by 82%.

The Morley Observer reports on a public meeting tonight to discuss the development of housing sites in Bruntcliffe, Morley and Churwell. Residents have concerns about already congested roads and overstretched schools and health centres.

Leeds has apparently run out of Diamond Jubilee party funding, says the YEP. It isn’t as bad as you think; the Leeds Community Foundation had £11k available for tiny grants for street parties but after 130 applications this pot has now run out.

And that’s it for today! Are you planning on proposing to your other half today, or have done it already? Please let us know! Or have you or your partner had a baby since midnight this morning? We’d love to hear from you (as would most news outlets, I’d imagine).

Elly will be back with you tomorrow; in the meantime keep an eye out for our Rhubarb Report later on today. Thanks for reading!

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