Leeds today: Saint’s days, building for women, housing, Emmaus, solar and sport relief

Afternoon! Sorry it’s a bit late today. Mike here again, stepping in at lunchtime to give you what’s what. Happy St David’s Day, if you’re Welsh!

The Wharfdale Observer has a great story on the arguments cropping up over housing developments in Menston; Leeds gets the pain, Bradford the gain. The argument has been fierce over the new homes – a public meeting in Menston was packed out earlier in the week – and because of the proximity to Guiseley Cllr Graham Latty said:

“If you live in Menston, as these new people will, where do you look for shops, schools, doctors and dentists? Not in Bradford. No, you look to Guiseley with its already stretched infra-structure, Guiseley which has yet to find school places for the growing number of first form entry to its infant and primary schools, Guiseley where getting a dentist is harder than finding gold.”

Which is certainly a fair point. It goes to show just how densely packed people are in the Leeds/Bradford conurbation without any overall governance.

Over on the YEP is a great story on the Hunslet Club and how it has got hold of some solar panels. It seems like as long as it stays sunny, the club can recoup the costs in 8 years. Nice job.

Also on the YEP is Leeds West’s MP Rachel Reeves getting into the public transport costs debate, highlighting public anger at fare rises.

The Post has a story about the Shamirah Grant student bursary scheme at LMU for students from Chapeltown who wish to attend the University. Shamirah was tragically killed last year in a traffic accident and her parent approached the LMU to find a way of keeping her memory alive. If you’d like to help support the scheme, which hopes to offer £1000 to disadvantaged youngsters from LS7 & LS8 who start arts-related degree schemes in September, you could have a go at the big zip at Headingley Carnegie on May 26th.

Next week is International Women’s Week. Leeds College of Building is holding some taster sessions for women who want to have a go at learning building skills, such as plastering, brickwork or plumbing.
Sounds like a lot of fun. Are you doing anything for Women’s Week? We’d love to hear from you about your plans.

Would you like to help with Sport Relief, but aren’t sure you could run a mile (or three)? LCC is looking for volunteers to help out on the day, as well as people to run the race. It’s only a fun run, though – and anybody should be able to do at least one lap of the mile circuit!

There’s a documentary on Channel 4 tonight that might make people a bit cross; a handy guide to watching Make Bradford British has been put together by blogger Nick Baines.

The Chatathon that we mentioned last week has been written up by the Leeds Wellbeing Centre, who raised over £300 for their charity services. Well done, all!

Leeds Grub has been to the cafe at Emmaus; BGL only found out where Emmaus is last week when getting lost walking back from Jimmy’s. Anyway, it’s a great cause and apparently a lovely cafe too, so pop in and see what’s there.

Finally today, the YEP talks about the St Patrick’s Day celebrations that are happening on March 11th. Worth knowing about, especially if you’re planning on driving into town that day. Might as well catch the bus and pick up a pint of the black stuff.

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